How to Check Specifications on a Windows Computer before buying

Last Updated on October 28, 2015

You wish to buy a new laptop or PC? But before you buy it, there are needs to check its specifications before you take it home. These reasons can be

  • To ensure that your computer can handle any new programs you wish to install in the future. If it doesn’t meet the recommended specs of the program, it may not run very smoothly.
  • To ensure that you are buying what the seller claims that the computer worth (RAM, HDD size, Processor).
  • To ensure that it will meet any future windows updates requirement( ie. Operating system upgrade)
  • Buying the convenient computer for yourself.

Below will not only check for the CPU, RAM, HDD size, OS, Processor type, graphics card in any Windows PC but entire System summary.
To check for the System Summary.
It contains the OS Name, Version installed, System Name, System Model,System type, Processor etc

  1. Press and hold Windows key together with R key to enter “Run”run
  2. Type “MSInfo32” and hit Ok. The active Window pane will be System SUmmary.


You can extend your checking to Hardware resources, Component or Software Environment.

To Check for DirectX information.
This controls the graphics output, displays and sound

  1. Press and hold Windows key together with R key to enter “Run”
  2. Type “Dxdiag” and hit Ok.
  3. Then find information about the System, Display, Sound, Input properties either by toggling the tabs or clicking “Next Page”.

system summary

If you found out that the Computer is neither Windows 8 nor 10, then check its properties.

  1. Click on the Windows Explorer
  2. Right click on “This PC”
  3. Select and click “Properties”
  4. Done

Additionally, to check the Hard disk size;

  1. Click on the Windows Explorer
  2. Click on “This PC”


Now, You can check whether it really suits your taste.
Happy buying

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