Reasons You Should Not Install Cracked Android Apps

Last Updated on October 1, 2016

install cracked Android Apps
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Android developers spend so much time drafting their apps through idea, scaling and building them. In effort to monetization, they create both free and paid versions of the same apps. For an Android user to get full access to all functionalities of those apps, he/she have to purchase through the Play Store. But most people have sought the other way to install cracked Android apps and games.

Cracked Android apps are also known as Pirated Android apps. They are major threat to your Android smartphone and data. Installing these free cracked android apps and games can be fun since you take advantages of what premium users spent some bucks for free.

I will be happy to let you know that you already put your personal data and files at risk by housing destructive automated theft engineer on your device. It is like entrusting a total stranger to gaining you a university entrance for free. There must be some hidden agenda.

Reasons You Should Not Install Cracked Android Apps and Games

Sideloading is a term for installing apps from other sources, Unknown source, rather than the Google play store. In default, Android has turned off apps installations outside Play Store. Apps and games outside Play Store are not checked for malware threat by Google for its user’s conformity. 
I cannot say that every cracked apps and games are targeted to steal from the installers. In real sense, the original developers took time to write the codes, deploy and monetized the apps for some little bucks. On the other hand, some total strangers might have paid for the apps, decompiled the apps through reverse-engineering, injected some malicious code (keylogger) and then recompile for you to install.

A cracker may decide to steal your personal data, files, sensitive inputs from keyboards

Heard about Keylogger? Crackers can insert keylogger code into some paid Android Keyboards source codes, which sends all keylogs to their custom spoofing servers. This is a part of reverse-engineering application package with apktool. Read more about keylogging.

Some Android malware and viruses have the capability to capture picture and videos from your smartphone’s camera through their background activities. Something that most android users cannot even imagine.

Avoiding Cracked Android Apps and Games

There is a simple step to avoiding cracked Android apps and games, avoid unsafe third party websites. Play Store has more than 600 thousands free and paid apps and games. One of the beauties of Android is its diverse alternative app developers. Install other free apps and games relative to those paid versions.

install cracked Android Apps
CM security alerts on trojan infected app ©ChuksGuide

Try and install Android antivirus to regularly scan malware. These malware can be gotten from apps shared from friends either through Xender or Flash Share. You probably don’t know how they come about them.

Rooting your Android device somehow makes the way easier for some treacherous apps. Rooting breaks Android default kernel privacy by installing a super user in its system root directory. Superuser apps are third party built. They can be maneuvered by these crackers to accessing core Android permissions.

Conclusion: Stick to Play Store. You may try APK4FUN, because they offer only free apps and has disclaimed access to pirated or cracked Android apps

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