What does invite People to Messenger mean?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

If you have seen the invite people button on Messenger to a friend that you’re pretty sure that have installed and used Messenger before, then there are chances that they are no longer using Messenger app.

Messenger is a separate app from Facebook mobile app. Messenger can work alone on its own without even having a Facebook account simply by using one’s phone number.

If you know a friend that already has Messenger installed on their phone, you have chatted with them and even exchanged voice and video calls but surprisingly showed up a invite people to Messenger instead of showing normal Messenger active now, voice and video call options.

Then the chances are explained below;

1. They are currently not using Messenger app

Messenger is not a membership app that is permanent to always keep showing that the user is always on Messenger. What happens here is, Messenger keeps the track of the last activity of its users.

Facebook Messenger Error Code 490

It keeps which device or platform did you login with. Someone might have been using Messenger app but all of a sudden, their phone got lost or some phone issues.

If the person did not immediately login to Messenger to continue their conversation, Messenger will think that they have taken some break. If they now use PC, MAC or mobile browser to send messages to their Facebook friends, their Messenger activities have been discontinued.

My friend has Facebook Messenger but it still says invite people  Messenger?

We conducted a test last February, 2018. One of us intentionally uninstalled Messenger and went off from reinstalling it for two months. Although, we still have Facebook app installed but no Messenger. What we used to intercept messages from friends was through web on PC.

Our first notice was that instead of being active as it is used to show, it recorded in minutes, hours and days. We also turned off chats on PC which makes it difficult to see whether we are online or not. After about 30 days, it started showing invite to Messenger icon.

After about 45 days, we reinstalled Messenger. Of course, we went on to sign in and finally welcomed back to Messenger. After he came back online on Messenger, the first message to we his Messenger contact was “John has joined Messenger”. The active now started showing up.

In our conclusion, Messenger keeps your last activity on its platform only. When one stay away from it for a long time, it losts track of you.

2. They might be using Messenger Lite or Facebook Lite

Messenger Lite is not entirely different from Messenger except for more features and more data saving options. Unless Messenger has scaled Messenger Lite to be exact as Messenger app.

The other part of it using Facebook Lite. We already know that with Facebook Lite, one can still receive and send messages to one another unlike in normal Facebook app that requires Messenger to be downloaded in order to read messages.

Facebook Lite allows one to read Messages while currently using the app. So, the invite people is bound to appear when someone uses Facebook Lite as their Messenger message client.

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