What does Ignore Messages means on Facebook Messenger 2022?

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Facebook has introduced Ignore Messages feature in its Messenger platform in order to create a preferential priority in who connects their users.

What this Messenger Ignore Messages (formerly Connection Requests) does is that it moves messages that have been marked as ignored into its folder.

Meanwhile, there is a similar feature on Messenger called Filtered Messages. Filtered messages is similar to Ignore Messages.

In Messenger, the older messages that have not been read are marked and moved to Filtered Messages. They almost share the same feature of our conventional SPAM folder in email clients.

You will learn the following in this article;

  1. What happens when you ignore messages on messenger?
  2. How do you know if someone is ignoring your messages on messenger?
  3. How do I undo ignore messages on messenger?
  4. How do you know if someone muted you on messenger?
  5. what happens when you ignore messages on messenger
  6. what does ignore messages on messenger mean
  7. how do I undo ignore messages on messenger?
  8. am I being ignored on messenger?
  9. being ignored on Facebook messenger.

Ignore messages option on Facebook Messenger

The two main features of Ignore Messages is to add messages that have been marked by users into its folder and also to intercept new messages from people that are not in your friend lists.

This means that any new messages from people that are not currently in friends with you will be moved to Ignored Message list until you decide to accept them.

Once you accept any message from someone that is not in your Facebook friend list, automatically they become your Messenger contact. Their messages start appearing on your inbox folder.

How do I Ignore someone on Messenger?

ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger
ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger / ChuksGuide
  1. Open Messenger
  2. Open a chat to ignore
  3. Tap on the info icon beside Messenger call and video icons
  4. Scroll down to Ignore Message, then tap on it
  5. Confirm the action to ignore the conversation.
  6. The chat will immediately be moved to Messenger’s Message Request

You can alternatively do it this way;

  1. Open Messenger
  2. Don’t open the chat yet, then tap on the chat to ignore its messages
  3. Choose Ignore Messages
  4. Then confirm the option to move chat to Connection Requests (Message Requests)
  5. Done.

What happens when you Ignore messages on messenger

When you ignore messages on Facebook, the message will be moved from your main Messenger home (inbox) to Messenger ignore list.

You will not be notified by any future messages sent from the person. The messages will be shown when you navigate to Messenger ignore list.

To view people you ignored on Messenger ignore list, click here to learn about it

Remove messages on Messenger or cancel ignored messages on Messenger

view ignored message on Messenger

You can cancel any messages that you have ignored on Messenger. We have written a simple guide to cancel messages. Follow the below steps

  1. Open Messenger
  2. Tap on the fourth icon at the top on Messenger
  3. Tap on Connection Requests
  4. From Connection Requests, you now see list of ignored messages
  5. Select the message to move to Messenger Main screen
  6. Tap Reply
  7. The message will be moved to Messenger main screen

To view more option to cancel ignored messages, click here

Ignored message vs block message

If you have ignored someone on Messenger, they are still in your Messenger contact list, they can still send messages to you but whenever you block someone on Messenger, they will no longer send you messages and have automatically been removed from your Messenger contact if they are not friends with you on Facebook.

Will someone I add to Ignore Messages notice what I did

When you have ignore messages on Messenger, their messages won’t be delivered. Their messages will only be marked as sent (a single light blue checkmark) indicating it has been sent only.

Although, they will still see you as active whenever you are online indicating that you are still Messenger contact.

How they will notice is that since their other messages to other friends are delivered and read except yours, normally they will think that you have intentionally ignored them or what we call snub.

Can I call the person if I am ignored on messenger?

No, you cannot. The call will bounce back saying “did not answer“. The person that ignored you will see the missed call notification but it will never ring. It bounces back anytime you click the call button.

How do I check If I am being ignored on messenger

After all days of no message deliver and non-read messages even when you still see them active always then it is simple to assert that your messages have been moved to ignored list.

Note: If this issue persists, be rest assured that most times, the Facebook server breaks down. It can takes minutes, hours to get back to normal. You only need patience.

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11 responses to “What does Ignore Messages means on Facebook Messenger 2022?”

  1. This doesn’t answer my question. On Messenger, the Facebook website version I access on a PC, for some Facebook profiles, you click on “options” and one of the options is “ignore messages,” and for some profiles, the option of “ignore messages” is not there. What is the difference? Also, I can’t go by the fact that my message just indicates it was sent and nothing else, because I can think of one profile where the person has not posted anything in months, so maybe she just hasn’t seen my message yet. I don’t know. How many people only have time to check Facebook every couple of months? Where I’m suspicious is that “comment” and “like” are not on her profile anymore. Does that mean she’s blocking me? Also, I have seen notifications on Messenger that a message has been read, but I just finished a conversation with someone on Messenger in recent days where they obviously read my message, to respond, but I never received that “read” notification. So, can I tell that someone is ignoring my messages by whether “ignore messages” appears in their options or not?

    • I think the ‘Ignore Messages’ option is only available on the profile if you have an actual message thread going with that person. If you don’t the option won’t be there. Also when the message is read it is a picture of them. If the message is not ‘delivered’ it means that their device or messanger app has not connected with fb server and it is actually Not delivered. This is completely different from ‘read’.

  2. What if this “ignored” friend will try to call? Will my phone ring, or will messenger say that we are unable to connect?

    • This happened to me and I cant unignore or reply. Dont know how to reverse it as we have both ignored ?
      Do we have a solution so I can message them again?

      • yes you can reverse it. 1. Open Messenger, 2. tap on your profile picture, 3. tap on message requests. Then you can unignore the person

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