Messenger Ignore vs Messenger Mute – The differences

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The Messenger ignore feature is not the same thing with the mute option we are used to. There is a big difference between Messenger ignore and Messenger mute. This differences give relief to the sender.

Messenger ignore is a way of adding a Messenger contact to a blacklist. It could be that you are tired of receiving messages that you’re no longer comfortable with without needing to unfriend them.

Here are the differences  – Messenger Ignore vs Messenger Mute

Messenger Ignore

ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger
ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger / ChuksGuide

It is also a way Messenger intercept messages that are not from your Facebook contacts. You have to accept them until they show up on your Messenger inbox.

Adding someone or your Messenger contact is similar to moving an Email to Spam folder. They are the same thing except that ignore message is on Messenger while Spam s on Email.

When you move a Messenger contact to ignore list which is found as Message Request on Messenger as seen on Email as Spam folder, all their future messages will be received by you but it won’t be marked as delivered to them.

They see their messages as sent indicated by the light blue tick or check. Their messages will not be seen on your Messenger inbox but it will be kept inside the Message Request box on your Messenger as seen on Spam folder.

For you to see their messages, you have to move over to  Message Request. In Message request, you have the options to either reply to their messages or delete them.

When you reply their messages from Message Request, it is eventually moved back to your Messenger inbox which now shows as delivered and finally read (bigger blue tick).

Messenger Mute

Messenger mute notifications
Messenger mute notifications

On the other hand, it is safer for your messages to be muted than being ignored. The reason is that ignored messages are seen as spam while muted messages are seen as a normal message.

Still don’t get it?

Just like ignored message is seen as a spam or unwanted message, then a mute message can be seen as a message sent while you’re currently busy with other things outside Messenger.

You don’t want to be disturbed at the moment. We can also say that muted message on Messenger is the same as when you turn your device sound notification to silent.

Now, when someone mute your messages, it means that your message has been delivered but waiting to be read by the recipient. It is now left for them to either open it to read or totally ignore to read it.

Meanwhile, your messages has been sent and delivered to them. Any time you send them a message, they won’t be able to receive notifications from Messenger and chat head won’t pop out but your messages are right there in their Messenger inbox and not Message request.

How do I check If I am being ignored on messenger

After all days of no message deliver and unread messages even when you still see them active always then it is simple to assert that your messages have been moved to ignored list.

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How do I check If I am being muted on messenger

There is no way you can exactly find out. Only use your instinct to calculate when your Messenger fails to respond to your delivered messages.

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