If a Messenger message is sent but not delivered, will the recipient see it?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The answer to the question “If a Messenger message is sent but not delivered, will the recipient see it?” is a conditional YES. There is a possibility that your recipient can see your message even when it is marked Sent.

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Here are the conditions for your non-delivered chat to be seen by your recipients

view ignored message on Messenger

  1. If Facebook server is generally not responding to deliver messages, then it is not possible for your recipient to see your message when they are marked as sent.
  2. If Facebook server is responding but your recipient has earlier ignored your messages or has moved you and all your future message to Connection Requests, then they can view your messages even when they are marked as sent.

Confused about Connection Requests? It is a special container for list of filtered contacts and their messages. In this place, chats sent by these blacklisted contacts are not shown on Messenger home instead they come as a message request.

This message request can either be accepted or deleted. If when accepted, it will be moved back to the Messenger home and as well marked as deliveredMessen but if otherwise, it continues to be marked as sent.

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