Why your friend is Offline but your Messenger Message was Delivered

Last Updated on July 5, 2021

If you’re wondering why a message you sent to someone on Messenger that is offline but the Messenger message was delivered then this article is for you.

Before that, I explained a few things about hiding messenger online status. You can check the article here – What is Facebook & Messenger Active Status? Learn How it works.

If you think that your Facebook friend was offline when you sent him or her a message but instead of just marking as only sent, it was marked as delivered even though the person appears to be offline.

The truth is that there is no perfect way to know when someone is offline from Messenger or not.

This is why…

Both Facebook and Messenger have privacy features that allow one to control how they appear on both platforms (of course they are one platform).

Facebook has a feature called Active Status. This feature allows you and me to either turn off our Facebook online status or on.

When turned off, no one will see us as online.

On the other hand, Messenger has Active Status and Ignore as privacy features.

When someone turns off their Messenger online status or active status, you won’t be able to see the green icon to show they’re online.

messenger online status
Messenger Active Status is turned on (c) ChuksGuide

But the only way to find out whether they are connected to wifi or online is to send a message.

If the message is marked as delivered, it means they are connected online. They might not be using Messenger at that moment.

If they turned off active status, you won’t be able to see the online status green icon on messenger.

If they added you to ignore list, your message won’t be delivered. it will be marked as sent.

In a case where their active status is on, you could see that they are online but your message is marked as sent but not delivered.

It could simply mean that you are added to ignore list. Your message will be pending.

You are not blocked. Probably snubbed.

So any time you sent someone a message but they appear not to be online but your message was delivered, it simply means they turned off the online status icon.


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