Messenger – This person isn’t available right now

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

You are on this page because your Messenger pops up something that has left you thinking. The message you must have received must be “This person isn’t available right now“. Probably, you might be thinking that the person has either deactivated his/her own Facebook or deleted you.

This person isn't available right now

That’s quite a brilliant guess, 90/100. Your Messenger shows the message,  This person isn’t available right now, because the recipient has blocked you either on Facebook or Messenger.

When you are blocked on Facebook, you are no longer friends and you can never view his/her profile again except viewed using another account. But if you were blocked on Messenger alone, you are still friend with him/her.

This person isn't available right now
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Blocking someone on Facebook is quite different from blocking someone on Messenger. When someone blocks one on Facebook;

  • One cannot view his/her profile again
  • His/her account becomes invisible to the person on block list.
  • One cannot resend friend
  • One can only view previous chats but cannot initiate a new chat


But when one blocks another on Messenger,

  • The other person cannot send a message
  • He/she cannot receive a message
  • Both the one that blocked and the one being blocked cannot message each other unless the case is reversed.
  • They are still Facebook friends
  • They sees each others post
  • They can still react to each other’s post – like,comment or share

When you compare the above, you would find out that blocking someone on Facebook is more critical. That is why the pop up says that the person isn’t available forever. lol

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I have a question about the Facebook blocking. I can see the number of friends I have and I know the number of them, One of my friends claims to have deactivated his account yet my “friend number” has not changed so we are still friends.

I can not see his page at all nor when I try to view it using someone elses account who is not friends with him, Normally he posts with the “public setting” so even though they arent friends she would normally be able to still see what he posts.

He then said he figured out how to turn messenger off and has since done that and although I see our old messages, but when I go to leave a message it says “this person isnt available right now.” I just wonder have I been blocked or has he de-activated his account like he said he has.

The truth is that your friend has deactivated his Facebook account. Blocking shows that he/she has removed you but deactivation is like he’s either taking a temporary break or forever off FB.

For Blocking:
You are no longer friends and can’t access anything about him. His FB name becomes blank that you can’t even access his/her profile.

Here is what blocking means;

You will no longer be able to:

See things he/she post on their timeline

Tag him/her
Invite him/her to events or groups
Start a conversation with you
Add you as a friend

For Deactivation,

You’re still friends on Facebook but you can’t access his/her FB profile nor start a conversation again with them. That is exactly what is going on in your case.

If you want to confirm, go to your friend list, search his/her name. Then click on the name to view his/her profile. If a Deactivation notice shows up, then it is.

I hope you find this useful!


I have a question. I only have a Facebook account because you are now being forced to when you install messenger. I didn’t add any friends in facebook, and now I can’t send / receive messages in messenger? Do I have to add them as friends in facebook first? I tried uploading my contacts that also did not work.

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