Understanding How Mobile Anti Virus App for Android Works

Last Updated on September 3, 2016

Yes! There are really viruses for Android smartphones ranging from different types depending on kind of jobs they are assigned. We normally referred to them as Malware. As an Android user, you may have installed some defensive mobile anti virus for App for Android but there is a need to understand how it works.

Android has become so popular to have extended from its conventional approach to areas of business, for companies, education for schools, entertainment and social activities. As a result of this, attackers would want to sniff out what does not belong to them.

Android malware can be categorized in two types;

  1. Spyware
  2. SMS Trojan
These malware acts as a threat to sensitive information on your Android device. They can track phone information and send to third party, control your phone including hardware ( camera, location) or send credit information to hackers through sms.

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How does Mobile Anti Virus App for Android works?

Mobile Anti virus app for Android is just like a normal utility app that you can get from the Play Store. Some of these apps offer free and trial version.
Unlike Anti Virus for PC that scans documents, programs, registry, browser history…, Mobile Anti Virus only does few of them. A typical mobile Anti Virus detects apps that appear to be a threat to your phone, protects your browser history, blocks firewall access to apps using root access.

Mobile Anti Virus App for Android

Viruses are rampant on PC. Its Anti Virus has deeper functionality than in mobile – they scan files and documents, registry, OS files etc. If we happen to copy infested files (music, videos, docs) into our external memory (SD card or Memory card), your mobile Anti Virus cannot detect them.
Threats in Android apps are mostly third party apps outside Play Store. Your Anti virus detects them because they have some permissions that are not allowed by Google apps. They are considered as Trojans since they act as spyware to your device. These apps are usually injected by crackers on premium apps. If you install premium apps for free from those websites, be informed you may be housing a malware on your device.

What Mobile Anti Virus App can do?

  • App Locking.
  • Call Blocker.
  • Limit Firewall.
  • Detects threat proven apps
  • Uninstalls threats…

What Mobile Anti Virus App cannot do?

Since viruses are originally for PC and it spreads from one media to the other.  When someone transfers files between virus infested PC, your files is likely to be corrupted. Though, your files may look to function well on your phone.
Having installed Anti virus, it cannot detect nor delete those corrupted files. It can only detect APK files and installed apps.

How do I protect my Android from threats

Mobile Anti Virus  for Android are not perfect to offer the best protection to your files. Though, there are still good and trusted Anti malware apps that can provide the assistance. Some of these Anti malware are free and premium. Try any of these trusted apps
  • Lookout and ESET for Android
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • McAfee Wavesecure
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • AVG 
Conclusion: In other to be on a safer side, avoid installing cracked premium apps from untrusted websites. I have interchangeably used Malware in this post. In our conventional thought, we regard any functionality as a virus but the appropriate reference to them is Malware or Threat in mobile world.
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