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  • How to Record Android Screen

    Taking normal screenshots of your Android’s screen was not too easy especially where you have to hold both power and volume up button tightly. This broadens messing up with my power button which becomes hard to respond when pressed. Now, you can record your Android screen with a-z recorder for free. AZ Screen Recorder is […]

  • WhatsApp Privacy Policy – Everything you need to know in detail

      Some days ago, there has been an outburst of broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp over its updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This broadcast, informally known as BC, was made to be an alerted notice of action to all WhatsApp users – the excerpt says The owner of Facebook has gone beyond our notice […]

  • Understanding How Mobile Anti Virus App for Android Works

    Yes! There are really viruses for Android smartphones ranging from different types depending on kind of jobs they are assigned. We normally referred to them as Malware. As an Android user, you may have installed some defensive mobile anti virus for App for Android but there is a need to understand how it works. Android […]

  • Lists of Free Night Browsing Data Plans and How to Subscribe

    You might be wondering “Free Night Browsing Data Plans” like wow! Please do not really mind me with that particular word “FREE”. Actually, they are not particularly free night data plans just like free night calls. In essence, their costs / charges are insignificant to the benefits one derives. Unlike our conventional daily, weekly and […]

  • Accumulate Airtel Trybe Night Browsing to 9GB for N300

      UPDATE: Airtel Trybe night browsing at N50 for 1.5GB has been extended to N200 for 1.5GB. Read more from this post.  Airtel Trybe night browsing is a replacement for its free night browsing that cost N200. Trybe night browsing allows Airtel customers to surf the internet at either 500MB at N25 or 1.5GB at […]

  • How to receive more than 1000 WhatsCall Credits everyday

    WhatsCall has been my best daily app. I need not to worry about buying airtime for my calls any longer except when network becomes bad. With free WhatsCall credits, i make calls like I am a boss. The free WhatsCall credits can accumulate by following these simple tricks i normally use to accumulate enough credits. […]

  • Apple Bans 100s Of iPhone Apps For Stealing Personal Data

    Apple announced on 19th October that it had pulled hundreds of apps from its App Store because they violated the App Store’s review process by collecting unapproved kinds of personal data. A third-party analytics service called SourceDNA discovered that apps using a software developer kit (SDK) from a Chinese advertising platform called Youmi, were collecting personally identifiable […]

  • Tecno Winpad 10 Windows Tablet With Detachable Keyboard And 7000mah

    Tecno Mobile has released a new tablet as you can see. This device boasts of a 7000mah battery and a detachable keyboard. Unlike the regular tablets, the Tecno WinPad 10 does not run on the traditional Android OS, it runs theWindows 8.1 Looking at the design, it looks compact and could be used like a […]

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