Peel Remote – Configure your Android to control TV and Decoder

Last Updated on March 2, 2017

I just set up my Android device as a remote controller for my Samsung TV and Strong decoder. You too can set up and configure yours too.

 Configure your Android with Peel Remote
Native remote controller / Freepik

How does this magic work?

It is the work of Peel Remote for Android! I have not checked most of the universal remote controller apps on Play store but Peel Remote has affirmed me to stay tuned to them.

The next question becomes – Will Peel Remote work on my device?

Why not! Just understand that your native TV remote works on the influence of an integrated Infra-red light which is situated at the head of your remote with an LED indicator. Though you can’t just see it.

Now, akin to that, Peel Remote will work on your device if your device has an integrated Infra-red. In Android it is called Infra-red blaster (IR blaster). Infra-red blaster cannot be installed like other apps. It is a hardware enabled functionality.

Next question – How do I know if my device is Infra-red enabled?

Very smart! If your device has a LED notification indicator, there is a pretty chance of IR blaster. The best two reliable options are;

  • Check your device manual for IR blaster or
  • Check online specification for your device. Gsm Arena is a good place for it. 

You can check lists of some IR blaster enabled smartphones.

Quick lists: Gionee M5 and later models, Samsung Galaxy 4 and later models, Tecno Camon C8 and later models…

Configuring your Android device as a remote controller

 Configure your Android with Peel Remote
Configuring buttons for TV control /ChuksGuide

The first thing to do is to download Peel Remote from Play store. Then a TV, decoder.

  1. Open Peel Remote
  2. Next is to add room. Tap on the + to add a room. If you have more than TV, you can name the room as TV 1. 
  3. Select device type. Under Video, choose TV
  4. Then select your TV manufacturer (Samsung, LG, TLC,…). If your TV manufacture didn’t show, select “Show other brands”. You can input name and search for quicker selection. Then Next
  5. It is time for the actual set up. Maintain closer distance between you and your TV. Point your phone at the TV and tap the power button. If your TV is on, it should switch off immediately. If nothing happens, tap “NO” and continue testing other buttons on your device. Once your TV responds to any of the buttons, choose YES to complete the set up.

Your TV is now configured to be controlled with your Android phone.

Now, it is time to add decoder alongside the TV controller.

 Configure your Android with Peel Remote
Setting up “Decoder”
  1. Tap on “+” beside TV to add a “Set-Top Box”.
  2. Now, choose your decoder model. I chose Strong. You can as well search for it.
  3. Tap on the button to test your Set-Top Box. If your decoder responds to the input, choose YES to complete the set up.

Now you should have two tabs

 Configure your Android with Peel Remote
Complete setup remote controller
  1. TV+STB
  2. TV

The first tab contains controls for both TV and decoder. You control your decorder using this button. Perform any control you do with remote with your native remote controller.

Same thing happens to TV tab. It controls only the TV.

I hope you find this very useful. I wouldn’t guarantee that the method above must work for your set up. Share your challenges on the comment.

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