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Last Updated on March 30, 2021

The first steps to getting more potential Tinder matches is understanding how Tinder works. Everyone on online dating platform has his or her own psychology on how the dating stuff will work for them.

What works for us on Tinder is only what we are. A lot of people always affirm us to be formal in how we create our dating profiles.

What works for others may entirely not work for us. The reason is that the method was dependent on a particular charisma that best described everything about the person and what their matches needed to see on their profiles unlike ours.

tinder match issues

Actually, one can get lots of matches doing those stuff but the challenge is how do you match up with someone that has no initial impression about what works for you. Tinder doesn’t match people with some compatibility queries as seen on most dating platforms.

In this case, it is totally very difficult to match with people that crave the same way we do. Tinder uses only locations and sometime Facebook pages to show profiles which are likely to swipe the same right as we have done.

That is why most times, people do complain about not getting matches since they signed up.

The Effective Tinder Matching Pattern.

To me, Tinder is a game of chance. It is either you swipe right to like someone, swipe left to dislike annoying profile or hit that super like to show the extent of how much you like the person.

It is really not how sweet your bio sounds or how sexy your pictures look like. It is about the character of matches you wish to get. Your ideal matches are more interested in how depicting your profile is which a combination of your photos and bio texts.

People sign up on Tinder for many reasons. It could be to get off boredom, get rid of broken memories from failed relationships, find perfect singles around them or just to randomly get laid for perverts. It is normal even on most popular dating platforms.

Defining your very own reason for joining Tinder is one of the first step to getting more potential Tinder matches. It will help you on crafting your profile to attract the perfect matches for you and getting rids of nonsense that might cause harm to your account.

Getting more potential Tinder matches

Deciding what you write on your Tinder bio, what pictures to upload and who to either swipe right, left or super like is entirely up to you now. You don’t need to be under the shadow of being perfect in what your profile says.

The first thing is choosing what photos to appear on your profile. You have options to upload more than one photo. Remember that the first photo is the first thing that draws someone closer to your profile.

So, how do we get started crafting your Tinder profile?

  1. Find at least two good photos
  2. Get rid of any sample online dating profile bio
  3. Leaving experiences of your past relationships behind
  4. Pride has to take some break at the moment.
  5. Understand the fact the dating platform is different from Facebook or Twitter. Almost everyone is seen as a date candidate, nothing else.

Let’s assume that you have gotten at least two photos. If you’re a pet type, that will be beautiful. If you love to have fun, party, travel, that’s also cool. If you belong to LGBTQ, a crossdresser or any cause, that’s also fine. These are things to define who you want to either swipe right or left on you.

Creating your Tinder bio

A bio could be referred to as the marketing power of every online profile. The poorer the profile, the fewer followers it gets and vice versa.

The right approach for a better Tinder bio is a short catchy personal message. The best template is to keep it short and elegant. You could be casual, blunt on your bio. Let people read you through your bio in a very responsible manner.

If you believe in a cause, LGBTQ, Feminism or cross-dressing, you must not be too personal in regards to who is likely to connect with you.

Here are things to avoid in your bio.

  1. Being too subjective
  2. Don’t be aggressive in who you don’t need to swipe to your profile so that you don’t sound like a terrible person.Here are examples: “Don’t swipe right if you are ugly, fat or skinny”. “I’m not Bill Gate that runs a charity organization, don’t come begging”
  3. Avoid being too selective.
  4. Avoid ranting.

So, how I drive more potential Tinder matches if I don’t spend on Tinder Plus?

As Tinder uses location to find matches that are more closer to us, people tend to use VPN to get over it. Well, that sucks.

Tinder users are more likely to be more interested in people that are closer to them than those who are 25 miles away.

What you use Tinder to find matches anytime you’re away from your home. It could be at your office, restaurant, a park or a casual visit which is outside your own place.

Doing this will bring your charming Tinder profile to more potential matches who limit their matching distance. Please do not use VPN.

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