[SOLVED] How to fix Tinder Error A:40303 – Why you can’t login

Last Updated on June 19, 2022

We earlier shared a guide on how fix Tinder oops something went wrong error. In this article, we have shared the reason why you cannot login on Tinder as a result of the Tinder Error A:40303.

We have listed nine reasons either of which might result why cannot login on Tinder. You can as well contact Tinder admin support to tell you fix this Tinder Error A:40303 login issue.

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Reasons why you can’t login as a result of Tinder Error A:40303

  1. Your Tinder account has been deleted or banned
  2. Someone has reported you on Tinder either because you disturb them a lot or transgender.
  3. Inappropriate messages to your matches
  4. Inappropriate profile photos
  5. Spamming – sending people invitation to events or advertising
  6. Some sort of weird behaviors
  7. Abuse on Transgender, crossdresser or other forms of LGBTQ
  8. No profile photo or no real picture
  9. Tinder just get themselves screwed up over something very stupid.

Tinder has an offensive way of terminating one’s account anytime they are reported by their users, unlike Facebook that takes a lot of time in studying the reasons for reporting another user.

The truth is that Tinder doesn’t automatically ban users from using their platform. Tinder works from the feedback users give them through reported profiles. The issue now becomes how would someone on Tinder report your profile even when you know you did nothing wrong.

Tinder is full of people with different mentalities, understanding and gender. Most people will react negatively to your profile description, profile photo or even pickup lines. One can even misunderstand one’s message because they think they are not really in the same mood to be funny with you.

Source: forum.bodybuilding.com

You can actually get reported for appropriate messages and abuse if you continue sending messages like this above. Anything funny and unserious can get you banned on Tinder. You can be banned from Tinder for inviting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, come to an event and even funnily trying to be nice to people or trying to craft funny or scary description.

You totally don’t have any idea what people on Tinder would appreciate to see. To stay safe, be minimal on what you write on your bio, what picture you upload and how you go about with your pickup lines.

“I am filled with aggression and murderous rage. I need to crush you beneath my extremely high heels. I am not holding any babies in photographs because children scream and cry when they gaze upon me. I am terrifying. I am 6’11.””

The above lines was someone’s profile description that later go her Tinder profile deleted. That’s how she felt and it works for her. But not everyone likes to watch scary movies. There are people that would jump into a conversation with this profile because they are in love with contents like that.

While other people would find this very intimidating and abusive or alien stuff. They would report your account for Tinder nuisance. That’s why Tinder sucks! They don’t use the matching algorithm to match people with the same interest which would have been a wonderful experience for users.

If you could study Tinder’s privacy policy, they respect the user experience on their app and that’s why they take quick measures on reports and accounts that believe in some certain cause like Transgender, crossdressing or other forms of LGBTQ.

If you are not certain about this, then you can move straight and contact Tinder support. If your account has been reported, then the chance of recovering your account is small because Tinder tries its best to maintain the privacy of its users.

Here’s an example of a reported case of Tinder Error A:40303.

Hello Jeff,

Your account has been removed and banned from Tinder for violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines in some way. The safety of our users is very important to us. You will not be able to create a new Tinder profile using your Facebook account and/or phone number.

If you’re a Tinder Plus subscriber, you’ll need to cancel your subscription yourself. For steps on how to cancel, please visit our FAQ at www.gotinder.com/faq.

Please refer to our Terms of Service (www.gotinder.com/terms) and Community Guidelines (www.gotinder.com/community-guidelines) for more information.

Thank you,


In this case, nothing can be done. You have to create a new Tinder account either using your other Facebook account or using a phone number.

But if you didn’t receive an email from Tinder as in above, then you should contact Tinder as soon as you experience Error A:40303.

To contact Tinder, visit tinder https://gotinder.com/help  Under WHAT IS THIS REGARDING?, choose Support and select your device type (Android, iOS or even Web).

Then complain to Tinder how it all started. You have to be kind with words. Don’t be abusive if you really want to receive a better response from them.

If nothing happened, you may need to just move on. If you really need to continue using Tinder, a better option is to use another Facebook account to start a new profile or a second device.

You may still meet up with the same challenges with can’t login error a:40303.

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  1. i’m very concerned as to why my tinder has been deleted. i feel that i have done nothing wrong & should not be banned. please allow me back!

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