Can’t sign up on Tinder? Learn how to fix it Problems signing up on Tinder

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

Can’t sign up on Tinder? Sometimes it becomes difficult with problems signing up on Tinder as a result of Facebook – Tinder integration.

If you have encountered problems signing up on Tinder, then it could be as a result you have tried to sign up on Tinder using your Facebook account.

Most times, users who signed up using their Facebook account find it difficult to login back as a result of common issue on Tinder known as Oops Something went wrong.

How to fix it Problems signing up on Tinder

Tinder Oops Something went wrong screen

To avoid the Problems signing up on Tinder and problems signing in on Tinder using Facebook, then you should consider creating a new Tinder account with phone number.

There are good benefits of signing up on Tinder with phone number. When you sign up on Tinder with a phone number, you don’t need to have Facebook installed before you can log in.

Another special benefit of signing up on Tinder, account created with phone number doesn’t develop issues unlike that found on Facebook login.

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Finally, creating Tinder account with phone number is the ultimate way to fix problems signing up on Tinder because Facebook most times fails.

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