How to fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating platform. Over the time, there is a little problem with Tinder app especially users that signed up with their Facebook profile. Sometimes, Tinder pops up the error message “Tinder Oops something went wrong”  to users logging in through Facebook or even phone number.

Tinder Oops Something went wrong

This article covers similar Tinder login error messages like;

  • can’t login tinder something went wrong
  • tinder something went wrong please try again later
  • tinder something went wrong you are not able to log in
  • tinder something went wrong please ensure you have a connection to the internet
  • tinder something went wrong 50000
  • tinder something went wrong when searching
  • tinder something went wrong 1011

Some users have thought that  this error message could mean that their account was reported or flagged either as a result of;

  • Inappropriate messages to their matches
  • Inappropriate photos
  • Spamming
  • Some sort of weird behaviours
  • Transgender, crossdressing or other forms of LGBTQ
  • No profile photo

The above reasons may not be correct in some cases. If a new or older account fails to login after been logged out by the user, then none of the options listed above is the reason behind Tinder Oops something went wrong – There was a problem logging into Tinder. Please try again

At the time of this post, Tinder team has not given any official fix except in their future updates. We believe that this server failure to login on Tinder is from their server.

If you sign up on Tinder using Facebook, then there’s an 80% chance that the failure to login to your account is definitely a server issue. This means that there’s a server down on either platform that authenticates and logs you in.

It is a temporary issue. It takes an average time frame of fewer than 5 hours or maximum of 12 hours before you will be able to login back to Tinder.

But in the case where it has passed 24 hours for you to be unable to login to Tinder, then we have outlined few tricks that can help fix the Tinder login issues. These methods are not guaranteed to work for you since they are not from the Tinder team.

If none of them works, then you should proceed to the Tinder contact page and complain about your login challenges to them.

Methods to fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong pop up.

Tinder Oops Something went wrong screen
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1. Network connection

Make sure that your Internet connection is strong enough to access your location and Facebook login authorization.

If your network connection is perfectly working, then continue to the next options.

2. Avoid VPN on Tinder

Tinder Plus offers advance access to its platform including switching to different locations unlike what is found on free version of Tinder.

If you have been trying to use VPN apps to switch to a different location in order to enjoy the premium version of Tinder, then it could also contribute to Tinder login issue.

Turn off VPN and try again. If you have no VPN, then continue reading.

3. Clear Tinder app data for Android users

If the pop up keeps coming out, then you may consider clearing Tinder app data from your device app management for Android users alone.

Tinder Oops Something went wrong - There was a problem logging into Tinder. Please try again
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To do this, open your device Settings > Locate either Apps or App Management or (Settings > General > Application manager on Samsung) depending on your device. You can alternatively hold on Tinder from app drawer and drag to App info. Then CLEAR DATA.

Once done, login again to Tinder. If you are using iPhone, you may need to delete Tinder app and install a fresh version from App Store.

An additional recommendation is to check for updates on Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. If there’s a new update, install it.

If none of these works, then you need to try something else.

4. Login to Tinder using mobile web browser

Tinder has a web version. Use your mobile phone to login to Tinder either using Safari, Chrome or Firefox  web browser.

You have to login with your Facebook details to enable you reconnect. If using web browser works then the issue could be from Facebook mobile app integration.

If it doesn’t work, then we should take a look at our final recommendation.

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Another option to fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong login issue

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, Facebook has been rolling out data privacy updates and shutting down some features.

As a Tinder user, Tinder collects your information to be used in your profile and matching base on your interests on Facebook. All these things are done when you give them access to your data.

Recently, a technical issue is preventing users from logging into Tinder. Some people have been logged out without getting in for the mean time. Facebook has assured that the issue will be fixed very soon.

The better chance of connecting to Tinder is using web browser as we pointed out above. You can use a PC, Mac or your mobile phone to login with Tinder and access your matches.

If you are not patient enough before the issue get resolved, then you may consider deleting Tinder from Facebook app.

Removing Tinder from your Facebook account will delete your old matches, old messages on Tinder but you still access your incoming new likes ready to be matched once you like back.

If you wish to continue, then here’s how to do it

How to remove Tinder from Facebook App

This step can be done either using a PC or Facebook app.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Tap on the Settings  for PC or Mac or Account Settings for Facebook app
  3. Tap Apps 
  4. For Facebook Mobile App, Tap Logged in with Facebook
  5. Locate Tinder, scroll down and tap on Remove App

Or click on this link to redirect to Facebook app page

If none of these steps works for you, you need to give Tinder some minutes before launching the app again.

If you have found this article helpful if it doesn’t help you fix the error, Tinder Oops Something went wrong, instantly which we are hopeful it will be fixed as soon as possible, kindly share it to your favourite social network.

6 responses to “How to fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong”

  1. Tinder match / conversation data is stored on Tinder servers. Removing Tinder from the Facebook app only revokes Tinder’s ability to pull Facebook data about you, the next time you login to Tinder, it will ask you to grant permissions again but all of the conversations / match history are still there.

    I know because I just hit an issue yesterday where I can see all my matches but nobody can see me – confirmed by three separate people over Instagram who thought I unmatched them. I’ve attempted clearing all caches, revoking FB access, and reinstalling with no help. Have an open ticket with Tinder.

    • Hello Chamberlain

      Thank you for your contribution. No one actually knows the cause of not being able to login. What we do here is self troubleshooting which has worked for us in the past. It is great that you opened on Tinder.

  2. This problem is ridiculous. I’m a crossdresser so understandably I receive a lot of negative attention from matches with people who have a problem with that. My app works for one or two days and then the “something went wrong” bug locks me out of Tinder for MONTHS before it randomly starts working again.

    It’s obvious I am being shadowbanned because of people reporting my profile on an impulse due to their personal bigotries, and it’s clear to me that the only reason Tinder doesn’t just TELL you that you’ve been banned is because that exposes the fact that they are not making any effort at all to actually vet the profiles that have been reported. It’s all automated, and it puts the power to ruin my experience on their app in the hands of bullies.

    • It is really ridiculous. If you have to create a new account on Tinder, try to be specific on your bio the type of people to match you. That way will reduce unnecessary matches.

    • Personal bigotries? Brotha, you may want to ask yourself if you are quick to judge and quick to hate, because that was some judgemental hate speech if I ever seen it.
      Maybe, just maybe, if you were able to get outside of your slightly enlarged ego, and try to put yourself in another man’s shoes for a full second, it might be possible for you to get a clue that when a man clicks that he is looking for a woman, and then a dude posing as a woman shows up in his results, he feels violated because someone is trying to deceive him, and every cell in his body is screaming in horror from the onslaught of the assault he has just received. Keep in mind, he can’t never unsee that image.
      Or, conceivably, you could just acknowledge that Tinder never invited crossdressers, stay off from it, and develope or find an app that specifically caters to crossdressers and whoever else you choose to include. That way you may actually find someone who is looking for a crossdresser, make a grip of money from it, stop having to write your hate speech on places like this, might not have to get over yourself, and stop traumatizing innocent brothas at the expense of your self grandizing pictures.

      • Tinder is a community of different individuals. One don’t need to be personal on his or her profile especially when it comes to cause and lifestyle.

        There are other dating platforms that center on particular lifestyle. But for Tinder, just keep it formal and you will be good.

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