How to record voice calls on Infinix Note running Android 7 with fingerprint

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Are you using any of the Infinix Note series – Infinix Note 3, Note 3 Pro, Infinix Note 4, Infinix Note 4 Pro and yet to update to Android N? What are you still waiting for? Just tap firmware updates and there you go.

record calls on Infinix Note running Android 7

An experience by Qudus, he found out how one can activate call recording by holding the fingerprint for some seconds.

Android N is packed is features and this is just a part of it for Infinix Note users. You can record calls with a finger placed on the fingerprint sensor and it will record automatically.

Here is what you do to record voice call on Android N

record voice call infinix note
Fingerprint Management

  1. Open Settings
  2. Locate Fingerprint management
  3. Locate Call Recording and toggle it on.
  4. Dial a number to make call
  5. Long press on your fingerprint until call recording activates
  6. To stop call recording, long press again on the fingerprint and release until recording stops.
You have just recorded your call without installing any third party apps. Kindly update your firmware to Android 7.0 in order to enjoy this feature.

6 responses to “How to record voice calls on Infinix Note running Android 7 with fingerprint”

  1. When I open my fingerprint on note 4 3gb/32gb I can’t the recording, picture browsing and picture taking functions on the unloking,app lock n …

  2. There is no such option in finger print management option. And not even working that long press option in place of finger print after call has been connected. Kindly guide properly

  3. for automatic call recording purpose i follow your guidelines but it was not working on my mobile phone. i am using infinix note4 pro i hold the menu button long time but it is not showing any options. how can i go on further please gide me

  4. for automatic call recording purpose, I follow your guidelines but it as not working. I am using infinix note4 pro how can I proceed fother please guide me.
    thank u

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