Samsung Internet Mobile Browser Latest update rocks

Samsung Internet Mobile Browser Latest update rocks

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

If you have been a Samsung mobile fan especially the Galaxy and Note series, you must have come across the Samsung Internet mobile browser as their default web browser. Unlike normal Android mobile web browser, AOSP and custom device browsers, you should notice that there are major differences especially when it comes to saving web pages for Offline usage.

In version 5.4.x.x, Samsung Internet looks almost exactly like that of Safari browser for iOS. Starting from the app launcher icon which resembles an orbiting planet to its awesome user interface. When one launches the browser, the quick access shortcut is still intact. The navigation bar beneath the browser layout extends to Back, Forward, Home, Bookmarks and Tabs icons. These nav icons are also refined as simple flat icons.

samsung internet mobile browser updates

A three vertical stacked dots beside the address bar now features, Edit Quick access, Extensions, Settings and Contact us. The Quick access creates a bookmarked shortcuts on the browser’s landing page. The settings menu has no new features though except the newly added option – Extensions.

Extensions in regular desktop browsers are like third party plugins that makes one’s browsing experience remarkable. A typical example of browser’s extensions are online FM players, Flash player, Web to PDF converter and more. But for the case of Samsung Internet mobile browser, they include

samsung internet mobile browser updates

  • Content blockers
  • Amazon Assistant
  • Web Payments
  • CloseBy (Physical Web)
  • Progressive Web Apps indication badge
  • 360 Video
  • Fingerprint Security
  • DeX desktop experience
  • Video assistant
  • QR code reader
  • Quick menu

Also, one can now access saved bookmarks on any computer or devices using the Samsung Internet Chrome extension. To get this extension, simply visit in Chrome browser.

How does these Samsung Internet Mobile browser Extensions work?

Samsung Internet allows one to download custom or third party browser extensions from app store. For the case of content blockers, it includes blocking certain types of ads and unwanted content on whatever website one visits. Video assistant helps change the video mode, rotate the screen or cats videos to one’s TV without pausing them. That’s a whole bunch of update.

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Do you really love the feature “Save webpage”? I love it so much. That is absolutely one of the reasons why Opera Mini browser took almost mind of most mobile Internet surfers. It saves data and time for  future use. One can still print pages using WiFi printer plugin.

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