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  • Samsung Internet Mobile Browser Latest update rocks

    Samsung Internet Mobile Browser Latest update rocks

    If you have been a Samsung mobile fan especially the Galaxy and Note series, you must have come across the Samsung Internet mobile browser as their default web browser. Unlike normal Android mobile web browser, AOSP and custom device browsers, you should notice that there are major differences especially when it comes to saving web […]

  • Amazing features you would need to know about WhatsCall

    WhatsCall is a smart calling app from Cheetah Mobile (CM). You don’t need to be confused with WhatsApp call and WhatsCall because they are different apps. WhatsCall is not a SIP call client –  a communications protocol for controlling multimedia communications (Voice, Video) over the internet protocol (IP) which usually require compatible receivers. It allows […]

  • Parallel Space – Manage your multiple social accounts

    This is neither a trick nor hack. Unlike WhatsApp plus that allows you to install and use two WhatsApp accounts if you could remember which was a hack. Parallel space offers you the best, smooth and comfortable alternative to manage your multiple accounts for FREE. Parallel space is an Android app that let you run […]