Secure your chats and calls with the new WhatsApp end-to-end encryption feature

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsApp has just launched its end-to-end encryption to enable its users secure their chats,  messages and attachments. Now your chats are only visible and understood between the sender and the receiver. This update has been integrated as a default preference to all users.

The update has purportedly been implied prior to the war between government and tech companies over hacking their source codes to providing information on terrorism on suspects.

The encryption will work on all Android,  iphone,  Windows devices and some blackberry phones. The security is quite comprehensive that users can see the chats sent to them but network providers and even WhatsApp has no access to them. You will receive a message from WhatsApp in all your  existing chats provided that you and the sender have the updated version of WhatsApp.  I was able to receive the message in 2.12.556.

Messages you send to this chats and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more

In other to start encrypting your chats and calls,  update your WhatsApp to at least 2.12.556. You should tell your friends to also update theirs so that they can use this feature . Once you have updated your WhasApp,  you will receive message above. You can as well verify that your chats are secured by tapping Verify

SOURCE :  WhatsApp

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