How to send animated GIF images on WhatsApp

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Playing GIF image on WhatsApp  ©ChuksGuide

Following WhatsApp’s earlier update to its messenger, smiley/stickers on images, comes a very recent updates – sending and receiving animated GIF images on WhatsApp chat messages.

Although, this feature is yet to be pushed to every user on Play Store. Currently, it is only available to Beta testers on its version 2.16.354. But be ready to expect it soonest.

If you are currently a Beta tester, you can proceed straight to Play store and download the recent update, 2.16.354. If you are yet a Beta tester, you can sign up for the program here.

Animated GIF images are images usually in a “.gif” format. They are special images because they animate (make some motion). They usually make movement like they slide. You can create a gif image either using VivaVideo (photo slide) or Animator (brushes and pencil) for Android.

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Tap GIF to play  ©ChuksGuide

GIF feature in WhatsApp means that you can send, receive or add captions plus emoji on your chat. For your receiver to receive and play gif image on his side, one must have the recent version of WhatsApp. You can play gif directly on active chat by tapping on GIF.

How to send GIF on WhatsApp 

  1. Download the recent version from 2.16.354 or later 
  2. Open WhatsApp Tap on Attachment icon to select Gallery 
  3. Swipe to GIFs to choose from list of your gifs you created or downloaded. 
  4. Done 

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Add captions and emoji into your GIF  ©ChuksGuide

 When your friend receives it, he only needs to tap on GIF to play it.

Tool Tip : Beta testing is a program by either WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat,… or any other app development team that allows their users to use their app’s unofficial release usually in a testing form before it can be released for general use. The aim is to test its functionality and bug fixing.

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