Some Amazing Things You Could Do on Online Social Communities like Facebook, Twitter…

Last Updated on April 13, 2016

Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, have become public hub where you can meet new people, make friends with, share moments, photos with them and many more. But greater percentage of users have no other idea on some other things they could do on these social networks except few. There are some amazing things you could do that is so abstract to the initial purpose.

This article will resurface extra cool things you can engage yourself with. If you have been on Facebook for 4years but have not changed the way you make posts, upload then you should consider trying any of these .

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention, then driving interested users to your brand through social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Here, the aim of a social media marketer is to create content that attracts attention and encourages users to share it to friends. When this content must have spread through a single user sharing to another user, hopefully it gets to the minds of intended targets. Because of this, you have have earned publicity to the brand that you are advertising.


One major criteria to becoming a social media marketer is the ability to write persuasively, constructively, positively and trust. There are companies that offer the vacancy of social media marketing like Tecno, Infinix, Mobile App developers. Do you know why they need someone with your skills? Because they need someone that will garnish their products/services with the true taste of your expressions. In other to start as a social media marketer, you need a web portfolio, update your social account profiles then apply through any company’s page by sending them message either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

Promoting Your Local Business/Skills on Facebook Page

As a regular Facebook user, you must have liked a minimum of 10 pages which can be for business, brands, public figures. Facebook allows users to create pages of any defined category. For local businesses, it includes information about what products and services prospective clients might be interested in. Through this, you can keep in touch with followers which instill some feelings of loyalty into followers and potential customers on the go.


Lets assume that you produce liquid soaps, plait hair or make beads, you can promote any of these by creating a Facebook page. Here, you write your business / product details, contacts and address etc. Followers might get interested in what you offer through what he/she has seen, your regular posts to keep your page active. This can be an alternative if you cannot afford to maintenance a website. You may opt in to boost your page for greater audience. You can as well create a page for your website or blogs.

Follow / Join Niche Community Groups on Facebook

Facebook groups have become somewhat annoying. Yes, i complained one day because i thought such groups weren’t worth joining. I made a post that Facebook should add a group invitation just like in pages. There are thousands of useful and useless groups and pages on Facebook. Choosing which to join is now the case. From personal lifestyle, you could join groups that offer motivational guidelines, Cooking, Technology, Entrepreneurial groups and pages.

niche facebook group

Yesterday i requested to join a group just because the name and description enticed me. I urge you to join useful groups that will inspire and add some benefits to your online social experience.

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