Some Mobile banking transactions you can perform on your phone without Internet

Last Updated on July 30, 2016

Banking just got very easy at your fingertips! You can now perform mobile banking transactions on your phone with your registered mobile number in any USSD supported Nigerian banks. But remember “You cannot cash out or deposit money on your phone”! I think I’m a bit relieved from making you believe you can do everything including ejecting money from your phone.

There are cool transactions that you could do with your phones without considering whether it is a China, Tecno, Original phones or iPhone. What these Nigerian banks require from you is that mobile phone number you registered with them during your account opening. ie. The number you use to receive credit/debit alerts. No internet! In other to perform some of these mobile banking transactions on your phone, you should update your valid mobile number with your bank.

Some of these mobile banking transactions allow new and existing customers to either open a new account, check balance, transfer funds, recharge airtime, withdraw cash without ATM cards, Change PIN, Link BVN etc. Dear, do you need to worry about going to customer care again? I guess a big NO.

Banks that support Mobile banking transactions using USSD


Opening account with WEMA bank is free and easy with your mobile phone. Follow the simple steps below

How to open account with WEMA Bank

  1. Dial *945*1#
  2. Provide every requested details like First name, Last name, Gender, Birthday etc
  3. Now after completion you should receive sms notification prior to your new account
  4. Finally, visit any WEMA bank nearest to your location in other to authenticate and complete your new account process

That might be your last night at the bank. Your account number will be sent to you via sms in your mobile number to start your mobile transaction with ease.

How to transfer fund with WEMA bank

  2. From the prompts, choose your beneficiary’s bank then your PIN

Here is an overview of how it looks *945*2017837615*20000#. This fund transfer works to any bank in Nigeria. The maximum amount you can transfer is limited to N100,000. And that is superb!

How to check your account balance

Just dial *945*0# and provide PIN. chikina! Your balance smiles at you if really something is inside or yells at you once it is going to N0.0.

Other WEMA bank mobile transaction services are:

  • Withdraw money without ATM card: Dial *945*8#. Follow the option to generate your withdrawal code. Head to any ATM machine that supports cardless withdrawal to withdraw any amount from N1,000 to N20,000
  • Change your PIN: Dial *945*00#. Provide your current PIN to continue. Note: This is not your ATM/ Debit card PIN
  • Link your BVN to your WEMA account: Dial *945*BVN_NUMBER#. Lets take it this way:
  • If you are already a WEMA bank account holder,dial *322*035*ACCOUNT_NUMBER*AMOUNT# from your phone number registered with the bank

That is a great services from WEMA bank!


How to open an account with GTBank

  1. Simply dial *737*0#
  2. Then follow onscreen prompts
  3. An account number will be created and sent to your mobile number</>
    You can start making mobile transactions.

How to transfer money with GTBank Mobile money

Transfer to other GTBank accounts

  1. Simply dial *737*1*Amount*RECEIVERS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER# Let it be in this format *737*1*20000*2010866255#
  2. Then follow the USSD command prompts on your phone.

Do not panic! It is easy.

Transfer to other banks

  1. Simply dial *737*2*Amount*RECEIVERS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER#. Just like this format *737*2*20000*2010866255#
  2. Now authenticate the transfer with the last four digits of your GTBank debit card.
  3. And Phew! Transfer sent…He don get alert!

GTBank guarantees a maximum transaction limit of N200,000. This service is convenient and works 24/7.

Other GTBank mobile banking transactions are;

  • Recharge airtime with GTBank account: Dial *737*amount# Recharge limit is N10,000
  • Buy data bundle: Dial *737*4# and follow the screen prompts.
  • Check account balance: Dial *737*6*1#
  • For more GTbank mobile banking transactions, visit GTB official website.

Diamond Bank

I tried to check diamond bank Y’ello account registration, *710# but it seemed unavailable for new account creation.

  • How to transfer money to any bank: Dial *710*777*RECEIVERS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER*AMOUNT*pin# from your phone number registered with the bank.
  • How to transfer money to  other Diamond bank account: Dial *710*710*RECEIVERS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER*AMOUNT*pin#
  • To explore list of diamond bank mobile money, dial *710# and choose 1. From there you can see their available features.

Other Banks that supports mobile banking transactions are for existing customers;

  • FIDELITY bank account holder: Dial *770*RECEIVERS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER*AMOUNT#, then choose GTBank from your phone number registered with the bank.
  • First Bank: Simply dial *894# and choose from preferred list of options

I hope you have found some answers for your mobile banking experience. You can contribute through comments.

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