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How to stop “Allow SIM card to send a message” on Nokia phones

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Do your Nokia pop up “Allow SIM card to send a message” most times? It is quite annoying right. Some people thought that this could be a SIM related issue according to 128k/64k/32k sim. Also, this occurs mostly in older Nokia phones and sometimes other China phones.

disable Allow SIM card to send a message

When this question – “Allows SIM card to …” pops, it shows two options, OK and Cancel. But I can’t tell what actually happens when you choose OK. Does it really send a message or deduct airtime?

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For the sake of disabling this annoying popup, fear of airtime deduction and other personal conformity, I have shared some simple guide to help you with. Please read below.

Stop “Allow SIM card to send a message” on Nokia phones

Allow SIM card to send a message
Nokia 101 /ChuksGuide
  1. Lets assume your Nokia phone is turned on. If not, turn it on
  2. Open  Settings
  3. Navigate to Phone settings
  4. Select SIM service actions
  5. Now, choose No
  6. Done
By now you should not experience “Allow SIM card to send a message” on your  Nokia phones again. If you receive same message on China phones, Tecno T series and iTel phones, then check same settings too. Look into Call settings too.

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