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  • The New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310

    The 2000 Nokia 3310 model has notably been referred to as the iconic phone. It might not be because of how great and smart it was but the nature of it. New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310 /CNET I happened to use the old Nokia 3310 and could be able to figure out what […]

  • How to stop “Allow SIM card to send a message” on Nokia phones

    Do your Nokia pop up “Allow SIM card to send a message” most times? It is quite annoying right. Some people thought that this could be a SIM related issue according to 128k/64k/32k sim. Also, this occurs mostly in older Nokia phones and sometimes other China phones. When this question – “Allows SIM card to […]

  • Nokia E1 Specifications,Leaks and Release date

    Most of us know Microsoft took over the Nokia’s Lumia branding and Nokia would not produce smartphones until 2016 to complete the deal. And recently many sources have claimed that Nokia is working on designing new handsets for their comeback, which has been making a lot of people excited. Now Nokia planning to launch it’s […]