How to use Tinder effectively to get the best Matches 2021

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

Looking for a way to use Tinder effectively this 2018? As you know, Tinder is a dating platform where you either swipe right to like someone or swipe left to dislike a profile.

Tinder is a perfect place to meet interesting people around you with the help of your device GPS. What you need is to find a better place and start tindering!

To use Tinder effectively, you need to understand some basic things which many Tinder users find it difficult to see elsewhere.

Tinder match is dependent on many criteria. It is not just only by swiping both right. It doesn’t really matter whether you sign up on Tinder using Facebook or mobile phone, what matters is what approach to use Tinder effectively.

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Tinder testimonials didn’t just come the way users think. There are lots of people who sign up to just get laid on Tinder. It is normal even on most dating platform.

The best way to use Tinder effectively to getting the best Matches

1. Defining your mindset before sign up on Tinder

Just like we earlier mentioned, let’s say more than 40% of Tinder users just came to find people nearby to get laid and stuff like that.

Defining your very own reason for joining Tinder is the first step to use Tinder effectively. It will help you on editing your profile to attract the perfect match for you and who to like or dislike.

Even if your Tinder account has been created then what you need is to modify your mission on Tinder.

If you want to find a soulmate or a partner then let them know that is your intention because your profile will tell whoever sees your profile what you have in mind.

2. Entice users through your profile

On social media, profile used to be the marketing power of every user. The poorer the profile, the less followers it gets and vise versa.

Let your profile look genuine and catchy. Some people write lots of personal essay as their profile description which is not really sexy. Some other forget to complete their profile when it comes to workplace, school and description.

The right option to entice lots of better matches is a complete Tinder profile – including photos, few personal info and lots more

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The best template for Tinder description is keeping it short and elegant. People are too afraid on whom they interact online talk more of sharing information with people nearby on Tinder.

Here’s a sample

use Tinder effectively tinder good bios
Source: Tinder


use Tinder effectively tinder good bios
Source: Tinder


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3. Modify your Location

Your location determines who is nearby to you to avoid getting random suggestion from Tinder. Tinder has options to either choose from kilometre or metre.

The more closely you set your location to cover, the less profile you see and more relevant your suggestions are.

Other Useful Tinder tips

4. Define your Interest on Tinder using Facebook

If you sign up on Tinder using Facebook, Tinder shows you suggestions using two options. They use mutual friends and interests from page likes.

They show to you people that are following a particular page on Facebook or mutual friends to you.

Another better practice to use Tinder effectively is noting the kind of matches you need base on pages people like on Facebook. You can now decide to login to Facebook and like those pages you think you’re sharing with who you want to be your match.

With these, you can be rest assured of who shows up to you, who likes your profile and finally become your matches.

When writing your Tinder profile bio, state it clearly the type of people you wish to match with to avoid wasting free likes.

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