Try Airtel 2GB for N200 , 6GB for N500 today

Last Updated on June 14, 2016

Airtel 2GB for N200

Yes! It is true and official from Airtel. No tweaking involved!  Airtel has launched what has become Nigeria’s lowest data plans as low N500 to a whooping 4024kb of data bundle. In case you have not tried these data plans, may be you should give it a try.

But before you should delve into “How do I subscribe”, you should maintain their term. There is a very simple term before you could enjoy this very awoof. That is ” It is only available on 2G network mode”. That is, this plan works only on 2G or EDGE.

And that is really a smart try from Airtel. You wouldn’t expect Airtel to dash whooping data allocations with mere tokens from their customers. If you could remember their foremost unlimited plans, Airtel time based plan, that charge customers based on the amount of time spent. It was initially unlimited data at 30mins for N100, unlimited data at 1 hour for N180 but now moved to N300 and N500 respectively. I just want to let you expect these changes later on these plans. You should enjoy today!

The actual validities of these plans are 14 days and 28 days respectively. To subscribe to any of these plans (N200 or N500), dial *482# to choose from options. This is more convenient to customers that have poor battery life, Nokia s40’s, Nokia s60, s and 2G only enabled phones.

To check data balance, repeat the code *482# and select 3. Or *482*3#

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