How to turn off active now on Messenger

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The turn off active now on Messenger simply means that you want to temporarily disable being seen as active on Messenger even when you’re currently not using Messenger. You may need to take a look at our guide on Does Messenger Active Now mean the person is active or busy.

Turning off Messenger active now doesn’t mean that your last session won’t be seen by your friends. On Messenger, there’s a round green icon that is visible to Messenger contacts that active either because they are currently using it or their internet connection is turned on – Learn more about being active on Messenger here.

When you turn off active now on Messenger, you will no longer be shown to your friends on the ACTIVE tab or on your conversation pane with your friends. Also, you won’t be able to see who’s active or not on Messenger. It is almost the same thing with WhatsApp Last Seen when someone restricts it to Nobody.

Steps to turn off Active Now on Messenger

Make sure that your Messenger is currently up-to-date. This feature is only visible to recent updates.

Turn off active now messenger

  1. Open Messenger
  2. Tap on your Profile picture at the right top
  3. Tap on your Facebook Profile picture
  4. Tap Availability
  5. Toggle the switch to Off

You won’t see when your connections are active on Messenger and you won’t appear to your Messenger contacts when you’re on Messenger.

Steps to turn off Active Now on and Online presence Messenger Lite

Turn off active now messenger lite

  1. Tap on the third icon which is the Profile button
  2. Tap on your Facebook name or Messenger name as the case may be.
  3. Turn off these two options – Turn off online presence and Active Now.

Turn off online presence shows that you don’t want to be seen as online when friends opens their conversation with you.

Active Now tells that you don’t want to see who is active or not. Active Now always shows up before your recent conversations. They lie alongside Facebook Stories on Messenger.

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