Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers may not be convenient for your brand

Last Updated on August 29, 2016

Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers

You have wanted to increase likes and followers in either Instagram or Twitter in a bid to becoming famous through social media string popularity. You might have considered getting an assistant from Google and finally stumbled on one of these Twitter and Instagram autoliker and followers. I guess right?

Fortunately, there are possibly tens of websites that increase likes on your Instagram likes as well as Instagram and Twitter followers. The good thing is that majority of them are free while few are paid services. Unfortunately, you are at risk of jeopardizing your private details to some strangers and possibly block your account.

I may be wrong but I have taken much of my time to study these activities. Instagram and Twitter have authorization token for third party app requests of which are not shareable. These Twitter and Instagram autoliker and followers ask you for your authorization token.

A third party app can be your blog or website. Authorizing your account to your blog or website shows that you are aware of what you want to do with it ; may be you want to show your Twitter / Instagram feeds on your blog and more.

Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers

Therefore, allowing someone somewhere  to get access to your authorization code can be risky. Of course their services might be free. You will be promised 10K + likes and followers within minutes and it might be true. But i have come to think about these things;

Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers
  • Are free stuffs really FREE 
  • There must be a hidden delimiter if it is not 100% FREE
  • A domain cost not less than $3 /year
  • Least hosting plan costs $12 /year depending on host
  • Creating web applications like that of theirs will not cost you less than $400
  • Application maintenance should be monthly charged, $40 x 12months
  • SSL certificate costs $20 / year
If we take a rough calculation, we get $435/year + monthly $40 charges.

Reasons why it may not work for your brand

  1. It breach privacy

    You happened to follow or see likes on a photo you have not come across. Some of these guys parse scripts through your API to modifying Twitter’s and Instagram default rules. Now everybody is obliged to follow and like almost all your photos.

    Sometimes they promise that your account will not be blocked but hey it definitely will. These are irresponsible bots. They go underground taking people’s privileges out of their own wish. If Twitter / Instagram happens to spot these activities, you will be booked and punished.

  2. Hidden agenda

    From our rough estimate, someone busy spending $515 /year + $400 software development just to serve you and make your brand famous. Do you actually think I can really do that? Hell NO! Imagine that sort of good Samaritan.

    Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers

    When someone starts telling you what you never asked, there should be a fright somewhere.

    ” Also we are 100% safe auto liker. We don’t sell tokens like other websites or we don’t post anything on your behalf on any wall, group or page.”

    When you submit your token into their url box, do you know that your personal and private information can be accessed also. You might be saying “What private information do I have on Instagram? My name there is not even m real name” OK! well said.When you registered on either platform, you must have verified email and phone number. I hope you now remember.

    Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers

    Selling your token means that you are a breathing but lifeless. When someone has the key to your home, he is an occupant too. Sharing your token to untrusted persons especially he that does job without being paid is not recommendable.

  3. Originality and Geography

    Getting 20K + likes and followers is not just the main thing. Followers that offer no actual feedback is like a frustrated Facebook user crying over no chat upon all his 1000+ friends. When we talk about originality, it is getting the real people. On the other hand, geography  – getting the right persons.

    They are quite different. Active users are less likely to be maneuvered to liking and following you. As a brand owner , singer, products, services, you need real and active users to be engaged on what you do. You sell a local stuffs within your country, but an autoliker will fetch Afghanistan, Pakistan, UK to flood your page.

    You have up to 100K + likes, followers but no actual activities happen on your page. It is useless I guess.

What do I do now?

The only real thing to do is Ads campaigns as a brand. As a person, you engage in “Follow me to follow back”.
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