Virtual Expert app on the Play Store by Blackbery

Last Updated on January 11, 2016

Yes, it is blackberry again. Are you a priv owner? this is definitely for you.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert is a new app available on the Play Store for BlackBerry Priv owners. The purpose of the app is to perform a diagnostic test of a variety of functions to make sure all parts are working properly.

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert will perform a scan that tests parts such as the camera, display, keyboard, touchscreen, speakers, microphones, and a variety of other sensors. At the conclusion of the test, the app will provide you with feedback that highlights any parts that aren’t properly functioning. If something fails, BlackBerry will supply you with details on how to contact your carrier’s customer care center so that you can get that part checked out.

With this app, BlackBerry has made it easier for people to diagnose their Priv unit if it has any sort of issue. BlackBerry says that the app should be able to find what’s wrong with your particular Priv unit in a timely manner. Let’s hope that BlackBerry brings this app to more Android devices in the near future.

Click the image to download the app from Play storePlay store

Image Credit :: Crackberry

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