What to do in other not to lose your Facebook account

Last Updated on May 8, 2016

Facebook has been popular and somewhat an engaging social network through its pages, groups etc. One might find it very hard to lose his Facebook account if he runs business pages or groups.

There have been many instances of temporary lockdown from access to one’s account either from lose of password or hacking attempts. But there is a situation when you will be totally kicked out of Facebook for some good reasons. Gone are those days when Facebook will ask you to identify photos of friends before you will be granted access.

Validating your Facebook account

At sign up, you either register through mobile phone or email. The first thing to do after registration is to verify your account through phone or email in case you earlier skipped it. If your account is not verified, Facebook would think that you are using their service upon someone’s email account and you are liable to be disabled until you verify your account through mail sent to your email or sms to your phone number.

I came across someone whose account was temporary disabled because he failed to verify his account. The funny thing there was, he has been on Facebook for 3 years and his inbox has more than 2000 notifications from Facebook which is now very hard to figure what message was to be verified. Till now, i have not been able to do something convincing.

To verify your account

Existing and new users can verify their account either through phone or email. If you are on mobile app, just tap the three stacked horizontal bars icon inline after notifications icon and scroll down to “Account Settings. If you are using mobile browser, scroll down and click on “Settings and Privacy”. Then open “General” settings, you can now choose from “Email” or “Phone”. Tap on either of the options and configure. You can add new number or email to verify your account. Most people have the fear of showing their phone numbers to the public but you can limit this by choosing privacy control. Make sure to add your correct phone number or email so that you can receive verification sms or mail.

Quicker accessibility : For mobile browsers, click here
For app, click here

Further steps

Building a strong password will be an added advantage altogether. I earlier wrote on how you can choose strong passwords and knowing their strengths. Regular passwords like your nickname are prone to hacking.


With these, i believe your social experience will be of no doubt memorable. This article is not just exclusive to Facebook, you can adopt them on other social sites. Please, you can leave any conflict or suggestions in the comment section.

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