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WhatsApp new features: Bold, italics

So far, WhatsApp has only supported basic text with no formatting options. However, in the latest WhatsApp beta, users can change the text style to bold or italic.

It’s quite simple, just add an asterisk before a word or sentence to make it *bold* and add underscores to _italicize_ it. If your phone’s not updated, you won’t be able to see👀 this, otherwise you can see how we’ve added the symbols”*” and “_ ” next to the text for when it is updated.

It’s possible that WhatsApp might even add a strike-through feature later. For now, it’s only available in version 2.12.535 of the app. WhatsApp has also recently gotten the ability to attach documents via Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

To become one the first set of WhatsApp fans to enjoy this feature, you can become a  beta version tester by clicking on this link

Click here to see how to use the new text formatting features


Updated on August 16, 2017

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