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  • 10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

    There are cool things you can do on WhatsApp messenger. These WhatsApp tricks and tips are used as privacy control while others are used to awe friends. I have made few tricks and tips to tighten your engagement on WhatsApp. Below are the WhatsApp Tricks and tips Some of these tricks can be found on […]

  • Bold, italics now working on WhatsApp latest updates

    The WhatsApp awaited text formatting styles,  bold and italics,  features is now working on its latest updates. The support works from version 2.16.57 to later updates. Recently,  they announced document sharing with only .pdf type but later extended it to .docx,. txt. WhatsApp also announced its plan to extending document sharing to allow archived (zip) […]

  • WhatsApp new features: Bold, italics

    So far, WhatsApp has only supported basic text with no formatting options. However, in the latest WhatsApp beta, users can change the text style to bold or italic. It’s quite simple, just add an asterisk before a word or sentence to make it *bold* and add underscores to _italicize_ it. If your phone’s not updated, […]