WhatsApp New Status Feature – How to use it

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsApp has just launched a global update to what people may call an encrypted Snapchat stories clone. It looks like that of Facebook profile video but with limited engagement – views.

WhatsApp New Status Feature -
WhatsApp Status feature / HND

The WhatsApp new status feature allows users to share decorated photos, videos or GIF which disappears after 24 hours. Not everyone sees your WhatsApp status anytime you create one but with this new feature, your contacts get notified about your status.

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How to use WhatsApp image, video or GIF status

WhatsApp Status Feature

  1. Update your WhatsApp to at least version 2.17.76 or later
  2. Open updated WhatsApp
  3. Swipe to STATUS bar
  4. Tap on the + icon embossed outside a circle
  5. It is either you create a short video, take a new photo or scroll to use those in your gallery
  6. You can beautify the photo with stickers, texts, caption , drawings etc
  7. Tap the send icon to update your status.
WhatsApp Status Feature
Your friends will be notified about your new WhatsApp status update. Remember that you can add as many status but they expires after 24 hours. Take photos, videos from your moments and lets your contacts know about them.
You can also set privacy on whom your status is shared to. You can exclude contacts as well. It is only those that are allowed are permitted to view your status updates.

Update WhatsApp link

download whatsapp update


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