WhatsCall new features Free WhatsCall, Treasure Chest

Last Updated on November 22, 2016

WhatsCall new features

New to WhatsCall? If you are looking for a free call client for mobile telephony, then WhatsCall is there for you. WhatsCall allows its users to make call at completely no charge rates. No charge in the sense that it requires no cost to buy credits. It only costs internet connection.

You only need to download WhatsCall, register your mobile number and off you go. One major feature of WhatsCall is that it allows every outgoing calls regardless of the receiver’s phone. It only requires data from the caller to initiate the call.

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Over the months, WhatsCall has been trying to balance users experience through feedback. Their latest update comes with extra cool features.

Some of the WhatsCall features are;

  • Credit free WhatsCall to WhatsCall
  • Instant Messenger to WhatsCall friends with emoji supports
  • Huge Treasure Chest
  • Call credit support or Welfare Fund
WhatsCall new features
Unlike its earlier updates, you have to start rolling over WhatsCall credit spinner. Now, it has opened a timer known as Treasure chest. When you tap on treasure chest, it will pop out time for  ad timer.

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Welfare fund allows its users to donate support refugees from Syria with your extra call credits, so they can call and check the safety of their families.

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