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WhatsCall new features Free WhatsCall, Treasure Chest

New to WhatsCall? If you are looking for a free call client for mobile telephony, then WhatsCall is there for you. WhatsCall allows its users to make call at completely no charge rates. No charge in the sense that it requires no cost to buy credits. It only costs internet connection. You only need to […]

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How to receive more than 1000 WhatsCall Credits everyday

WhatsCall has been my best daily app. I need not to worry about buying airtime for my calls any longer except when network becomes bad. With free WhatsCall credits, i make calls like I am a boss. The free WhatsCall credits can accumulate by following these simple tricks i normally use to accumulate enough credits. […]

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Amazing features you would need to know about WhatsCall

WhatsCall is a smart calling app from Cheetah Mobile (CM). You don’t need to be confused with WhatsApp call and WhatsCall because they are different apps. WhatsCall is not a SIP call client –  a communications protocol for controlling multimedia communications (Voice, Video) over the internet protocol (IP) which usually require compatible receivers. It allows […]