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Why Samsung Smartphones are usually hot for Nigerian users

If you have used Samsung phone(Android), you will notice that it slays more than most social media slay queens????????. It hot die especially in 3G/4G. Samsung is a global product. It is not just like our custom/regional on demand products like Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo and other MTKs. Samsung model numbers are somewhat like SGM or GT. […]

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Why Tecno, Infinix, Gionee will remain dominantly used Smartphones in Nigeria

When you talk about smartphone, you refer to its operating system with addition to its variety of features – processing power, graphics rendering, body, touchscreen or touch + keyboard and many more. It is obvious that the most popular smartphone in the US is either Apple iPhone or Samsung. This is because they understand their […]

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Samsung Mobile may unveil two smartphones with folding screens by 2017

Rumours state that Samsung will unveil two smartphones with folding screens by 2017. Earlier this year, Reflex – a flexible smartphone  was brought to notice by Canadian Queens University  Human media Lab. READ ALSO : Reflex – World first flexible smartphone The sources for this information is still unknown. One of these two rumoured smartphones […]

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CES 2016 : Touchscreen refrigerator from Samsung

The Samsung Family Hub fridge has a giant touchscreen built into one of its doors, complete with an app you can use to order groceries online. A line of cameras on the inside will send a picture to your phone when you’re out shopping. An app on the fridge for Samsung’s Smart Things, smart home […]

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10 Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks you should try now

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of 2014’s best flagships. Its great CPU and a stellar camera make up for its comparatively unattractive design. Now that the Galaxy S5 is more than a year old, it’s time we showed you some ways to improve your handset. 1. Galaxy S5 Cinema mode Cinema is the best viewing mode for watching videos, playing games and […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review