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Last Updated on December 14, 2020

This is neither a trick nor hack. Unlike WhatsApp plus that allows you to install and use two WhatsApp accounts if you could remember which was a hack. Parallel space offers you the best, smooth and comfortable alternative to manage your multiple accounts for FREE.

Parallel space is an Android app that let you run your other social accounts (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter…) at the same time. Here,  you now have accounts running as if you install them separately.

How does Parallel space work?

Have you being familiar with Virtual machine for Windows Os? If no, Virtual machine is a software that allows a PC user to install and run other operating systems (Linux distro, Macintosh, other windows versions) just the same way you install softwares.

Parallel space work the same way like Virtual machine. When you install Parallel space as an app, it creates a portion of its space for its alternate apps just same way operating system does.

If you have “Jennifer John” currently logged in on your Facebook app, but want to add “Jennylove Jennie” just to avoid constant switching and logging in, that is where Parallel space manifests.

It will not direct you to Play Store to download another Facebook app for Jennylove Jennie”, instead it clones your already installed Facebook already using Jennifer John” and then creates dependencies from it.

Now,  you can perform the steps to logging in as Jennylove Jennie. Congrats you just got two Facebook accounts running simultaneously in one Android device. You can test each other and still receive notifications independently.

Parallel space is easy to set up, download  from Play store and proceed to installation. To add your second account, tap on the plus icon and select which installed social app to add and follow the normal step to set it up.

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