Amazing features you would need to know about WhatsCall

Last Updated on June 13, 2016

about WhatsCall

WhatsCall is a smart calling app from Cheetah Mobile (CM). You don’t need to be confused with WhatsApp call and WhatsCall because they are different apps. WhatsCall is not a SIP call client –  a communications protocol for controlling multimedia communications (Voice, Video) over the internet protocol (IP) which usually require compatible receivers. It allows you to make and receive calls globally.

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What makes WhatsCall exceptional

Daily free 100 units on every check in

Users are given 100 units of credit once they open WhatsCall app each day. You could be accumulating 100 units for 30 days which is 3,000 units to make lengthy calls.

Call any number both registered and non registered

Unlike other apps like Imo, WhatsCall allows you to make calls to any number you wish to. It doesn’t matter if the receiver is using an Internet enabled phone or registered. Calls come in the same way local calls are received. Nobody will figure out whether he/she was called through WhatsCall app or not.

Call rates in credits depending on destinations

Just the same way you are charged with our local service providers ( MTN, GLO), here it shows you the call rates in minutes depending on the receiver’s destination. This is recommendable in other to manage ones credits. Here, some countries are charged more than others. For example, to call a number in Nigeria, MTN, you would be charged 280 credits/mins but calling a number in UK would be charged at 40 credits/mins.

Daily add on to increase credits

You could get free credits by performing some simple tasks. You either just tap to get 100 credits, install apps to get between 200 – 2000 credits, invite friends to register on WhatsCall at 1000 credits per single referral or more.

Adding numbers to blocklist

This is quite a great feature. Disturbing numbers can be put into mute with this app. Just head over to privacy and blocklist to add numbers or existing contacts.

about WhatsCall

Full dialer app

You do not need to copy and paste numbers to call before you can make calls,  it has a full dialer integrating all your contacts, call logs into its own app. Thats cool. Tap to call anyone anywhere anytime.

NOTE: You cannot open dial pad when you are on call with whatscall

You can explore other benefits in WhatsCall,  just download over here and explore!

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