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  • Play Jumble Game against other WhatsApp groups

    Play Jumble Game against other WhatsApp groups

    I have written numerous posts on playing games on WhatsApp using Duta services. Duta is a media firm in India that pushes serious engagements on WhatsApp – playing football quiz  game, translate words, dictionary meaning, football updates and more. And now JumbleX Jumble Game In this post, You will learn how to play jumble game […]

  • How to Translate words, use dictionary, play games and take quiz on WhatsApp

    Recently, WhatsApp has upgraded from just a conventional instant messenger(IM) to a more responsive IM. It is not just sending some static short messages, images or videos as chat over to friends but also in enriched format like that of text formatting(bold, italics, strike-through), read more for long chats, group mentions, stickers and GIF supports. […]

  • Duta WhatsApp football updates – Subscribe to football matches

    We have written more than three useful posts about Duta WhatsApp football updates. It allows you to receive updates on football news, rumours, match fixtures, real-time live match and scores etc. These functions are not powered by WhatsApp itself but a separate team called Duta. Recommended posts: Instant WhatsApp Football Updates, Live scores, News, Fixtures,Reports […]

  • Get Instant WhatsApp Football Updates, Live scores, News, Fixtures,Reports

    WhatsApp has not just become an instant messaging app but also a live updating app. You can get Whatsapp football updates on news, transfer, rumours and live fixtures. This service is not an official WhatsApp updates. It is powered by an Indian media firm, Duta. Duta doesn’t offer football updates, they also offer news updates […]

  • Duta’s WhatsApp Bot is back and updated

    If you have been a regular guy for duta WhatsApp bot  known as WhatsBot, you should have noticed some silenced moments with the service.  If this is your first time with this service today, then read our previous post on WhatsApp Bot Duta has updated its WhatsApp bot and extended its features to readers feedback. […]

  • An Instant Virtual Assistant To WhatsApp : Wiki, Football, Devotional,Jokes…

    Earlier last year, a team in London created what they referred to as the first personal assistants for the WhatsApp messaging platform called WhatsBot. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and mapping data from Esri in order to help you find places to meet up with friends, family or colleagues.   To use the assistant, you simply add the WhatsBot’s […]