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Get Instant WhatsApp Football Updates, Live scores, News, Fixtures,Reports

WhatsApp has not just become an instant messaging app but also a live updating app. You can get Whatsapp football updates on news, transfer, rumours and live fixtures. This service is not an official WhatsApp updates. It is powered by an Indian media firm, Duta. Duta doesn’t offer football updates, they also offer news updates which are mostly Indian covered headlines and among others.

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How does this WhatsApp Football updates works?

  1. Add  +91 9043011840 to your contact save with a name you like. I chose Duta.
  2. Create a WhatsApp group and add +91 9043011840.
  3. Now type +football or *football to subscribe for whatsapp football updates. Now you should start receiving every single football updates.
  4. To read any football updates, type * followed by the code . E,g *592 or *593

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Benefits of WhatsApp Football updates

It makes you spend less on regular charges in viewing centers. It also saves your data bundle unlike browsing through livescores. With simple WhatsApp bundle, you can receive whatsapp updates instantly ahead of your folks. You can as well get full match fixtures before the actual match starts. Live match updates, half time and full time reports. This is great!

This WhatsApp football updates is spam free. It sends to you whenever you need it. I was able to receive full Euro 2016 semi finals match updates between Portugal and Wales yesterday at my home. No extra charges. Below are the image details;

Others services offered by duta includes News, Tech news, jumble game, Hollywood etc. to view list of them, type +info

Updated on August 11, 2017

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