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Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Earlier last year, a team in London created what they referred to as the first personal assistants for the WhatsApp messaging platform called WhatsBot.
It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and mapping data from Esri in order to help you find places to meet up with friends, family or colleagues.


To use the assistant, you simply add the WhatsBot’s phone number (+ 44 748 134 2229 ) to your WhatsApp contact list, just like adding any other contact. Afterward, the bot can be used in a group chat in order to automatically suggest a meeting spot that’s positioned in between all the different participants’ current locations. But sadly, WhatsApp has banned the WhatsBot from its service due to its infringement of WhatsApp terms of service.


Recently, DUTA (an Indian online news service) created a group messenger for obtaining latest news, sports, entertainment, devotional, finance and interactive services on your WhastApp.


WhatsBot has a range of phones numbers tied to particular channels. With any of the DUTA numbers added in your WhatsApp group chat, you could be able to do a number of things as if they were on the internet; read the news, sports updates, search for content on Wikipedia, play quizzes, read jokes, Religion, Economy, Fashion, Trivia etc.

Some of the WhatsBot Contacts


Save the any of the numbers in your phone.
    • +91 90435 60186


    • +91 84385 17877


    • +91 98239 96782


    • +91 78239 97002


    • +91 78239 97192


    • +91 78239 97223


  • +91 98239 97284


How to Enable WhatsBot on your WhatsApp


I believe that you have saved at least one or two of the numbers above. If not, type “+919043560186” and save it with “My Engine”. Then Create a WhatsApp group and add “My Engine” contact or the one you earlier saved. Now, you will be greeted with a welcome message.


If you want to use Wiki, just type “wiki” without the quotes then what you wish to search. That’s “Wiki Nigeria” as shown on the image below.


wiki nigeria

Some WhatsBot Services


In order to make maximum use of the tools at hand, there are some other salient indispensable information.
    • Use *info to have a full list of the services


    • For WhatsApp football updates, type +football to subscribe to football services. To unsubscribe, type -football.


    • In order to subscribe to say joke services,use this keyword +jokes. To unsubscribe, type -jokes


  • For Fashions, type +fashion, use -fashion to unsubscribe


Now, bring an excitement into your group. You can add your friend’s contact alongside with WhatsBot. If you are already an admin in any group, you can simply add any of the WhatsBot number and begin the FUN.


Note: WhatsBot is Free, Spam free.

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  1. pls I use to have wiki in my group bt its stop working over a while nw. have also try those numbers above but none of them is working. I need ur help guys bcus I rili nid wiki in my whatsapp sport group. thank u

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