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How to Translate words, use dictionary, play games and take quiz on WhatsApp

Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has upgraded from just a conventional instant messenger(IM) to a more responsive IM. It is not just sending some static short messages, images or videos as chat over to friends but also in enriched format like that of text formatting(bold, italics, strike-through), read more for long chats, group mentions, stickers and GIF supports.

This feature is also a part of Duta services, the WhatsApp Wiki and football updates guys. If you had followed my very earlier posts, I have written about WhatsApp Wiki instant service, Receive Football live updates, fixtures, news on WhatsApp and among others.

Today, I have added some other newest updates from Duta. These features add more fun to WhatsApp. You do not need to feel bored again. Add the following numbers in your group.



  • Football = +17028312569
  • NBA = +61458731284
  • WWE  = +917823989394
  • Tennis  +919043012704
  • FormulaOne  +919043012583
  • Cricket  +919043011759



  • World  +919043012235
  • Tech  +919043012168
  • US Election   +919043011856


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  • Hollywood  +919043012190
  • Jokes  +919043011848
  • Deals  +919043012719
  • Fashion  +919043012648
  • Advice  +919043012240
  • Daily quotes   +919043011758



  • Jumble
  • Footyquiz
  • Hollyquiz
  • Vocab
  • Hangman
  • Cricquiz

Others services include


  • Bible quotes  +919043011840
  • Quoran  +919043012615
  • Search  +919043012739
  • Translate  +919043012739
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Dictionary

Now, these services require no special treatment from you. What you need to do is add some of these number as contact, create a WhatsApp group and add them into it. Once you have added them, you will start to receive updates.

From Sports, News and Entertainment;

To receive updates, after adding any of the sports, news or entertainment contact (+919043012235) into your group, just type

+news (for world news)
+tech (for tech news)
+fashions and others


Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Add +914043012739 to your group, then type either Jumble, Footyquiz, Hollyquiz, Vocab, Hangman or Cricquiz to start playing quiz or games. Quiz or games give you 30 seconds to answer a question of at least 5.


This is a game that lets you arrange some words out of it. It is not really easy. You have to crack your medulla oblangata.


This is a football quiz for the soccer nerds. The questions are somewhat tough because it is like a football history.


It is a Hollywood quiz for Hollywood movies fans.


If you think you have what it takes to be an English guru, then this game is for you.


Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Hangman? Save someone from committing suicide.


This is for cricket quiz.

To translate, Search, check weather, find Dictionary meanings, then

Add +919043012739 into your group.

To search (chuks), simply type search chuks
Check Weather, type weather abuja
Check time, type time France
Dictionary meaning, type dict hilarious
Translate, (this format : translate language word ), type translate Igbo wonderful.

You can check other features by typing +info. After playing games or taking quiz, you can check your scores by typing scores.

Remember; all these services are powered by Duta. It has no affiliation with WhatsApp.


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