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  • Some Amazing Things You Could Do on Online Social Communities like Facebook, Twitter…

    Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, have become public hub where you can meet new people, make friends with, share moments, photos with them and many more. But greater percentage of users have no other idea on some other things they could do on these social networks except few. There are some amazing things […]

  • Facebook now lets verified Pages share branded content from marketers

    Facebook today announced a change to its branded content policy that will allow media companies , Public figures and marketers to now share branded content across the social network like Facebook, Twitter… According to a blog published by Facebook, “For brands and businesses, the new tool will introduce more transparency and allow them to better understand how […]

  • No More Facebook Support for Blackberry

    In February 16, WhatsApp announced its plan to discontinue WhatsApp support for Blackberry users, Windows mobile 7, Nokia s40s and s60s before the end of 2016 owing to their incapability to handle the future of WhatsApp messenger. Even more bad news for BlackBerry. Facebook has finally decided to end support for BlackBerry smartphones including BlackBerry & BBOS. […]

  • Facebook to help WordPress publishers easily create Instant Articles

    The social networking giant, set to open its Instant Articles feature to all publishers next month, has launched a free WordPress plugin that will help publishers create Instant Articles with ease. The open-source WordPress publishing platform now powers more than 25 percent of sites on the web so “we are excited to help millions of […]

  • The True Story Behind Facebook

    In Hollywood’s version of the Story Behind Facebook, Mark is described as having invented a tool to date girls. The reality was quite different though. Mark had just met Priscilla Chan who was his girlfriend then and they were obsessed with the internet. They wanted to a “tool where you could go and learn about […]

  • How To Download All Your Uploaded Facebook Photos in a Single Click

    Facebook shares not only as one of the popular social networks but as also a store house to all your uploads (Pictures and Videos). There was a time i began to delete most of my pictures i uploaded on Facebook just because i thought having them online make no sense. Facebook allows you to share […]

  • Facebook Introduces A Sports Stadium for Game Lovers on iOS

    Hello sports guys, this is a passionate move to you guys. This service isn’t meant for people that are biased about sports just like i do. You could be a fan of all Sports types (Soccer, Basket ball, Tennis, Rugby etc.) and this is conveniently for you. Meet people that cherish sports just like you […]

  • Google working on a new smarter messaging app to take on Facebook Messenger

    The Wall Street Journal citing “people familiar with the matter” has published a report that claims Google is working on a new messaging service for mobile that will take advantage of its AI and “so-called chatbot technology.” From the description, the messaging service sounds similar to Facebook Messenger and M, which can find birthday gifts […]

  • Indian Regulator Temporarily Suspends Facebook’s Free Basics

    Free Basics, a service by Facebook initiative, is having a rough week in India. First, an email campaign by the social media network was criticized for being heavy-handed and misleading. Now Reliance Communications, one of Facebook’s partners, has agreed to temporarily halt Free Basics on its network after receiving a request from the Telecom […]