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  • Facebook users can now comment with Videos on posts

    Facebook has launched their video comments feature which allows users to comment on posts using video(s). This feature has been analyzed to help Facebook to catch up to other social apps like SnapChat – whose video stats has gone higher over Facebook’s. This technology was developed at the company’s 50th Hackathon. It was built by […]

  • Create a short Facebook profile video to wow your profile visitors

    Facebook allows you to create a 7-seconds short looping profile video as an alternative to the conventional profile picture. Though, this feature has been available to iOS users and now to Android. Now you can upload video of you and share! To try this feature, update your Facebook mobile app to the latest ( at […]

  • Mark Zuckerberg to call ISS astronauts via Facebook Live on June 1

    Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will speak with three astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on June 1 in a statement by NASA. Get ready to watch Mark Zuckerberg’s 20 minutes live video call to the International Space Station this Wednesday being June 1st. During the 20-minute Facebook Live video call with NASA […]

  • Why @[4:0] shows you Mark Zukerberg or others

    According posts on Facebook, they have claimed to let you know whether your account has been hacked or not. If it shows “Mark Zukerberg”, it means your account is not hacked and otherwise. This is not a trick neither a debugging script. It is not its first time of occurrence. It has happened years back […]

  • Nigeria reactions over free basics by Facebook

    Yesterday, Facebook Boss, Mark Zukerberg announced their partnership with Airtel to launch free basics in Nigeria on his timeline.  He acknowledged the visions and abilities of Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs like that of Jobberman. He was excited to see bundled surprises Nigeria will accommodate soonest. Most Nigerians applauded his interest to bringing freebasics in other African countries […]

  • What to do in other not to lose your Facebook account

    Facebook has been popular and somewhat an engaging social network through its pages, groups etc. One might find it very hard to lose his Facebook account if he runs business pages or groups. There have been many instances of temporary lockdown from access to one’s account either from lose of password or hacking attempts. But […]

  • Connect to the internet with zero data on Freebasics by Facebook

    Facebook in partnership with Airtel earlier announced the launch of free internet access service across 17 African countries by March 2016. “Our intention is to help the people in Africa to have access to relevant basic services” said in a statement by Chris Daniel, In my earlier post, i wrote about Facebook Flex which […]

  • Facebook Flex : Easier way to connect on Facebook with zero data

    Facebook now offers free access to Facebook when using their free mode feature. It is caller Facebook Flex! Airtel had already worked with Facebook in 2014 in enhancing accessibility to the internet in an affordable manner through in the time of Facebook zero  and Facebook bundles. This offer is exclusively to Airtel users! Now, you can […]

  • You could start making money through your posts on Facebook

    Facebook is considering rolling out a feature that may allow users to make money from posts through a “tip jar”. From Verge survey, it hinted on several ways that users can make money or promote a cause on its website either through a branded content or tip jar (place where fans can tip you money). The survey also asked […]

  • Facebook is testing a news section for its mobile app

    Facebook might be adding a new feature to its Android and iOS mobile app users sooner. Tom Critchlow (@tomcrichlow) posted images of the updates he received from his Android regarding this move to news headline shift. Facebook confirmed to Mashable that it is testing the new, sectioned news feed, in addition to the current format, […]