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  • How your Facebook account will be hacked in seconds

    I have kept writing on maintaining Facebook’s privacy and some features. I am a fan of Facebook and would love everybody to be carried along on the same boat with us here. Hacking Facebook account has been so common in recent years till date. It would only take a professional phishing agent few seconds to […]

  • How to track Facebook Profile Visitors

    Tracking your Facebook profile visitors is possible but requires some simple tricks. Earlier, there was a tool, Facebook app, that handled checking Facebook profile admirers but was later discontinued. But today, you can begin to track number of your Facebook visitors by yourself. Is this legal? Yes it is. It is a personal affair since […]

  • How to Stop Facebook Game Requests

    Credits / iMore Facebook game requests is a part of incentives one could engage oneself with. You can play games and as well try new apps on Facebook but not everybody should like to try them. Although, some of these Facebook games are free but it is not a guarantee for everybody being a fan. […]

  • Learn how to secure Facebook account from hackers

    Someone probably your Facebook friend might infiltrate into your browser cookies and modify some data whenever you come across their inviting external links but you hve to learn how to secure Facebook account from hackers. Now check this; When your friend denies sharing a morally damaging posts or sexually abusing contents to an external site […]

  • Facebook Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend

    Facebook has become a virtual community where one decides how his/her social privacy is been controlled. I have written two different posts on Facebook privacy; Facebook Privacy 2020 and Getting to know how restricted list works on Facebook These two Facebook privacy settings, restricted list and Blocking play two different privacy roles. Yet to know all […]

  • Why you should upload multiple photos on Facebook

    Have you wondered why your friends upload multiple photos on Facebook at once? I just figured out that there might be reasons for doing so. I’m not actually asserting that my reasons are too sure but i believe out of experience and common insight. I have four good reasons why they do upload multiple photos […]

  • Facebook Live : What you need to know as a FB user

    If you are a brand marketer, advertiser, tourist, public speaker, event organizer (seminar etc), businessman/woman, celebrity and more then Facebook Live is there for you. “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world”. Here, you communicate to your […]

  • How to minimize or avoid annoying and persistent Facebook group

    If there is anything that I hate about Facebook – its Group! You cannot decide who adds or invites you. You get added to helpless groups by particular set of people you barely know twice a day. This means, you get notified when a friend posts, like or comment on a post. If Facebook page […]

  • Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips 2018

    Yes! Facebook is a multi-million social network where we meet and discover new friends but we have to keep ourselves safe. There are certain precautions one should take in order to maintain social privacy. Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips Facebook normally upgrade their privacy features. Some years back, i was able to disable friend request […]

  • Play Football Game on Facebook Messenger

    Facebook recently added basketball mini and basketball game into its Messenger. Now it’s added a football game! How can you play an 11 man game in a tiny Messenger chat? It’s not really football, but you get to play with a digital football and your objective is to keep the ball up in the air […]