10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

There are cool things you can do on WhatsApp messenger. These WhatsApp tricks and tips are used as privacy control while others are used to awe friends. I have made few tricks and tips to tighten your engagement on WhatsApp.

Below are the WhatsApp Tricks and tips

Some of these tricks can be found on updated version of WhatsApp. In other to take full control of the below tricks, kindly update your WhatsApp.

#1 Change Friend’s WhatsApp Display Picture

Definitely, this is a prank test. You can trick your friends by changing a copy of their WhatsApp display picture on your server side. What do I mean? When you view friend’s display picture from your own WhatsApp app, his/her picture loads into view and stored for later offline view until he/she changes a new display picture.
Your friend’s profile pictures are stored on your internal/external storage. You can take a look of them through – defaultStorage/WhatsApp/Media/Profile Profile Photos. These profile pictures are stored in this format “contacts_name date_photoId” or “contacts_number_starting_with_country_code date_photoId”. 

To change your friend’s WhatsApp display picture, copy a photo similar in pixel to the same WhatsApp Profile Photos folder, copy the original profile picture name, delete it then rename your newly copied photos to that of the original display picture. Show your friend about your trick. Make sure you turn off data to avoid syncing your friend’s profile photo.

#2 @Tag Individuals in WhatsApp groups

If you have used mentions by either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it is back on WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp @ tag works on groups at the moment. Once you tag someone on WhatsApp group chat, he/she will be notified whether muted or not. This tag can create a direct link to the tagged WhatsApp profile.

How to tag someone on WhatsApp groups

  1. Update your WhatsApp to its latest updates
  2. Open any WhatsApp group chat
  3. Type “@”
  4. Select from list group participant’s name

Individual tags on WhatsApp group  works on both contacts on your phone and those you don’t have. It uses WhatsApp profile name to reference participants.

#3 WhatsApp Bold, Italics, Strike Through Text Formatting

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

I guess you must have come across this formatting on any of the WhatsApp broadcast chats. It is fun to format chats either to show expression or mood. Below are their formats.

  • Bold: Add a single asterisks (*) to the beginning and ending of a word. It works only on words and not sentence. *chuks*. To add multiple bold format, try *chuks* *is* *a* *nice* – chuks is nice
  • Italics – Same way, add underscore (_). _chuks_. For multiple formatting, repeating the above steps.
  • Strike Through – Add (~) to either side. ~chuks~

#4 Find your WhatsApp chat stats and how much data consumes

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips


Some people always complain about WhatsApp excessive data consumption especially in groups where participants send multiple photos and chats. Here, you can check how many chats you have sent, how many you have received and how much data has been consumed.
You will find out that WhatsApp consumes less data. Open your WhatsApp, Settings > Data usage > Network usage.

#5 Disable WhatsApp media auto download

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips
In other to minimize unsolicited auto media downloads from groups, BC, you can also control how photos, videos, audio and documents are downloaded onto your local storage.
To disable WhatsApp media auto download, Settings > Data usage. From the three media auto download options, selects options to set.

#6 Mute WhatsApp group discussions

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

To controlling privacy, group chats are too enormous to be comfortable with especially folks that are not too fond of it. Enabling mute on groups disable chat sounds and notifications from that group depending on the duration you chose.

How to mute WhatsApp group discussions

Open group you want to mute discussions, tap on the group info, toggle on mute and choose duration before the mute expires. Remember to untick “Show notifications” to avoid receiving notifications”

#7 Hide Last Seen time stamp

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Last seen shows when a WhatsApp contacts went offline. Some people would not want others to monitor when last he/she enters or leave offline. Here, nobody will see when you went offline from WhatsApp but you won’t be able to know when they do.

How to hide last seen on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp, Settings > Account > Privacy. From the Last seen option, you can choose whether everyone, your contacts or even nobody sees when you go offline on WhatsApp.

In addition, you can enable other WhatsApp privacy options like who sees your profile photo and status.

#8 Turn off  or Disable Read Receipts

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips


Read receipts in WhatsApp  simply refers to that blue tick whenever someone reads your chats. There are three chat ticks. They are 1) Single grey tick 2) Double grey tick and 3) Double blue tick.

The single grey tick means that your chat has been sent, the double grey tick shows that your chat has been delivered and finally the double blue tick shows that your chat has been read. In other to trick someone that you have not read his/her chat, then proceed to turn off read receipts.

Turn off or Disable Read Receipts

Open WhatsApp, Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick Read receipts. Sender’s chats will no longer turn blue even when you have read them.

#9 Read WhatsApp chats without opening them 

Yes it is 100% possible. WhatsApp is all about privacy. You may be busy at work or don’t really need to reply some chats because you don’t want to be seen online. You need to maintain your last seen to an earlier time. You can now read full chats without opening WhatsApp.

How to read WhatsApp chats without opening them

When you receive a chat, it pops out in a drawable window at the top of your device. Do not open it yet or swipe off. Wait till the pop up windows disappears. Slide down to notification status bar, you should see WhatsApp new chats notifications. Don’t tap, use your two fingers to draw the notifications in either side to enlarge the panel.

You have read those chats without showing your last seen status.

#10 WhatsApp Wiki and  Football updates.

Try these tricks and have fun with WhatsApp!

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