The Best AliExpress Shipping Methods vs Worst Shipping method

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Literally, there is specifically no best AliExpress shipping methods. The urgency of the item and how someone needs an item determines what best shipping method to use.

On the other hand, the worst AliExpress shipping method is simply easy to identify. AliExpress shipping is said to be worse when it creates frustration for the buyer.

The frustration includes untrackable packages to customer’s destination country, poorly managed AliExpress logistic details and breach of AliExpress buyer protection period.

AliExpress has multiple shipping options. The available shipping options for a product depends on the item weight, size and buyer’s location. Some shipping methods are not available for every country.

AliExpress Shipping Methods include;

  1. ePacket
  2. Seller’s Shipping Method – Tracking Unavailable
  3. AliExpress Standard Shipping – Tracking Available
  4. China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus – Tracking Unavailable
  5. China Post Registered Air Mail – Tracking Unavailable
  6. 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro – Tracking Unavailable
  7. Yanwen Economic Air Mail – Tracking Unavailable
  8. AliExpress Premium Shipping
  9. TNT
  10. Fedex – IP, IE
  11. EMS.
  12. DHL
  13. UPS – Express Saver, Expedited.

Take a look at the two images below. Shipping methods are dependent on the buyer’s destination.

Best ALiexpress shipping methods
Shipping to the United States
Best ALiexpress shipping methods
Shipping to Nigeria

When you take a look at the two images above, the same item with different shipping methods.

From the first image, Shipping to the United States, all the shipping methods make sense. What influences the best option now depends on the urgency of the product one is buying.

ePacket is a standard and smooth shipping methods for about 38 countries. Its average cost is $5. But when it becomes FREE, it shows the item’s weight and size is relatively small. And guess what? it uses EMS!

The estimated delivery date using ePacket is 15th, September with free shipping while that of DHL is 11th, September at a whopping $42.17. Just 4 days difference.

The item price is less than $4. If you’re to use DHL, it now shows you’re paying more on shipping than what you bought. In a situation where the item is scarce and its use is urgent then it may be considerable.

Looking at the second image above, Shipping to Nigeria, you find out that there lots of complications there.

If you wouldn’t want the stress of filing a dispute over an unreceived item, poorly managed tracking system and missing package then run away from these AliExpress Shipping methods below;

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Worst AliExpress Shipping Methods

  1. Seller’s Shipping Method – Tracking Unavailable
  2. China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus – Tracking Unavailable
  3. China Post Registered Air Mail – Tracking Unavailable
  4. 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro – Tracking Unavailable
  5. Yanwen Economic Air Mail – Tracking Unavailable

Why are these Shipping methods worst?

They gamble with your money. It is natural that many of us want free shipping and I personally love free shipping. But there is something more attached to free things we sometimes not care to pay attention.

Our package becomes untrackable once it gets to or leaves Airport. AliExpress logistics detail fails to work. Most times, it doesn’t move at all.

If at all there were tracking details before the package leaves to the destination country, then those were only done by the local courier service. Their services end as soon as they deliver your package to the Airport.

This is an indication that your package is at the mercy of being lucky. What ALiExpress sellers do is to find any possible shipping method that charges few Chinese Yuan or nothing.

It is untrackable because it is not registered on the Chinese Postal office. For it to be registered, sellers must pay for the service. Assuming an item is worth $1, would you as a seller pay for shipping a $1 item? Hell no! That’s a summary of what happens.

Mind you, sometimes even paid AliExpress shipping methods are not trackable. This is common when the item is less than $5 and the shipping cost is between $1 -$2. Everything depends on how much the seller wants to make.

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What best AliExpress Shipping Methods to choose then?

  1. ePacket.
  2. AliExpress Standard Shipping.

ePacket is averagely FREE but in some cases where your item’s size is bigger, it may cost you around $5. The delivery estimate is between 15 – 20 days with trackable and working logistic details.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is similar to ePacket. It is an alternative to countries that are not covered by ePacket. The delivery estimate is between 15 – 20 days with trackable and working logistic details.

The beauty of these shipping methods is that they give you the best experience starting from the moment you bought an item to the moment you received it. The logistics details is properly managed and synced.

If you have a high budget on shipping, then the following shipping methods are good.

  1. AliExpress Premium Shipping
  2. TNT
  3. Fedex – IP, IE
  4. EMS
  5. DHL
  6. UPS – Express Saver, Expedited.

They cost between $20 to $50 depending on the package size and country. If the value of what you are buying in your country is more than the product’s price and the shipping cost, then go for it.

I hope you found this article useful. If you have questions or suggestions, the comment section is open for you.

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