How to block someone from adding you to WhatsApp group

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

block someone from adding you to WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group has slightly become synonymous to that of Facebook group. You get added to WhatsApp group without earlier permission.  We know quite well that chats on WhatsApp are relational. That is, you chat with people that you have shared contacts with especially friends, family, work colleagues and more. But the question is “Is it a guarantee to add me to any WhatsApp group?”. You have just breached my privacy!

You cannot actually  block someone from adding you to WhatsApp groups entirely. Why? There is no privacy setting yet on WhatsApp at the time of this writing. So there is no straight way to do that unless you follow this post gradually.

20 of your best friends are actively on WhatsApp. Would you block them because they keep adding you to WhatsApp groups? 

 Block someone from adding you to WhatsApp group

Some WhatsApp groups can be worth staying when added by someone. But if you really don’t like Group chats you can simply opt out. There are many steps to follow depending on how you were added.
  • Tell your friend to remove you from that group : If your close friend added you to an unknown WhatsApp group he/she never mentioned to you earlier and you don’t like it, kindly tell him/her to remove you the same way he/she added you. Quite simple.
  • If your friend refuses to remove you, simply exit the group: Some friends can be persistent to besties request as a result of the common attitude towards each other. After exiting, call him/her and lay a caution on him/her. Shuu! You can even threaten to block him/her and end your relationship. I bet this should sound serious to a deaf ear.
  • What do i do if other group admins keeps adding you: Just relax. Pretend like you are going nowhere. Then find a pen and sheet of paper. Open the Group Info, browse the list of the group participants. You should see phone numbers with Group Admin. Write down those phone numbers.

    What Next?
    Add those numbers to your phone contacts with any names. Open WhatsApp and make sure that your contact is updated. If not Refresh to add those numbers to WhatsApp contact list.

    It is time to block WhatsApp contact!!!
    Why blocking? When you block these group admins that keeps re-adding you back, when you leave the group, no one can see your contact talk more of adding you back. After all, you don’t even know them. They should respect you when you say “I don’t like this group”.

    block someone from adding you to WhatsApp group

    Open WhatsApp Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Blocked contacts. Tap on the add contact icon to choose names to block. Repeat this until you have successfully added those group admin to your block list. Delete those numbers you earlier saved because you really don’t need them.

What if someone that i do not have his contact added me to WhatsApp group?

How does this even happen? It is very simple! Lets say your friend is a member of a particular group that needs more members. He volunteers and gave out your number to the group admin to add. There you became added. 
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When you are added to a group to someone that you do not have his/her contacts, WhatsApp will tell “You were added by someone that is not in your contact.”
You will have three options
  1. Report Spam
  2. Block
  3. Add to contacts
Simply choose “Report Spam“. At that moment you are no longer a member of that group. You also cannot be re-added to that group.
I hope the above solutions will be of a great help to you. Ask a question through the comment box.
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