Bold, italics now working on WhatsApp latest updates

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The WhatsApp awaited text formatting styles,  bold and italics,  features is now working on its latest updates. The support works from version 2.16.57 to later updates.

Recently,  they announced document sharing with only .pdf type but later extended it to .docx,. txt. WhatsApp also announced its plan to extending document sharing to allow archived (zip) files.

With these features, WhatsApp can now compete with BBM to some extent when it come to file sharing. You can only use these features once you and your receiver update tp WhatsApp latest version.

To use any of them,  enclose your words inside the signs.

For bold , type *bold*
For italics, type _italics_
For strike through , type ~Strike~


You can try sentences like *These* *are* *bold*

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