How to fix Messenger messages sent but not delivered in 2022

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

There is no exact 100% reason why Facebook Messenger messages sent but not delivered by your friend, even when your friend is active on Facebook Messenger. This issue is personal depending on the person,

From our experience, the reasons could be listed below;

  • The network currently being used may be too slow to update the status of the message sent.
  • Your message was ignored by your friend or recipient. Read how it works here
  • If you send a message to someone that is not your Facebook friend or messenger contact then your messages will be marked as filtered in their “Message Requests” folder. Your message can only be marked delivered once the person accepts to reply you.
  • The recipient is inactive in the app, and cannot receive messages at the moment. They can be active using Facebook on web browsers.

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Messenger may be running on a separate server from Facebook and is perhaps not connected to it. When you send a message to someone through Messenger, the message is sent through Messenger’s infrastructure.

Servers are mapped on different locations. If the server associated with your message is working without any difficulty, then the message will be sent to the recipient’s server.

However, if the receiver server encounters a technical error, the message will be hung up in the middle of the transmission, implying that the recipient has not received it. Your server informs you that the message you sent has not been delivered because the recipient’s system could not handle your message.

The message is marked as unread until the recipient’s server is available to read the message. If Messenger team were fast enough to handle the situation, your message would be delivered in a few hours, but if Messenger team were not fast enough to handle the situation, the message would be delivered in a lengthy amount of time.

If it’s not being delivered, that means that problem is on the side of the recipient. It could very possibly be a server/Internet problem. Try it out by sending messages to some more friends.

Resolving a Facebook Messenger messages sent but not delivered

Messenger messages sent but not delivered

  • Using your favorite web browser, log in to Facebook on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Send message to as many of your close friends as possible.
    If your message isn’t delivered to only one friend, it’s likely that they’ve blocked you on Messenger.

When a friend ignores you on Messenger, it means they no longer want to talk with you, don’t want to see your Messenger conversations, or have other personal reasons.

To learn more about Messenger message ignore and what it is, click here.

When you find out that your messages have been ignored, your messages won’t be counted as sent until you’ve been deleted from the ignore list.

Note: If the error persists, be assured that most times Facebook’s servers are offline. It might take a few minutes or hours to return to normal. What you need is patience.

We do not work with Facebook Messenger. Our contributions are based on our personal experiences.




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  1. If a Facebook message to a non friend is showing as sent but has not yet been delivered because she is either out of data or has connectivity problems, will this still be delivered once problem solved or is there a “timeout” on delivery? How will I know if there is?

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